1. firecat423's Avatar
    Hi! New to Android - How do I transfer my music from my PC to my SD card? It's formatted for my new Xperia Z3C but I can't see a music folder on the card. Is it as simple as creating a folder? Forgive my newbie question!!
    10-19-2014 11:12 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! The easiest way is to unmount the SD card on your phone (in Settings>Storage), remove it, then insert it into your computer's SD reader. Using the computer's file browser, drag and drop the music files (Copy, don't Move) from your computer to the SD card. Put the music in a folder called Music (create one if there isn't one already), and try to preserve the conventional folder structure of Artist>Album>Song. Start with just a few albums, so that you don't waste too much time, in case this doesn't work.

    Now remove the SD card from the computer (be sure to Eject it first), and reinsert it into the phone. Now open Google Play Music or some other music player and see if the music shows up. If using Google Play Music, swipe in from the left and flip the Downloaded Only switch on.
    10-19-2014 09:57 PM
  3. neugenusis's Avatar
    OP, yes, just create a folder (or even more folders in folders if you like) and then put the music anywhere you want. Name the folders whatever you like. The phone will be able to find the music files regardless of where it is placed.

    Use a USB cable to connect to PC.
    10-19-2014 10:52 PM
  4. Harvey Deven's Avatar
    It might be a late (very late) post, but here's for those that might encounter this issue in the future https://www.unlockunit.com/blog/tran...roids-sd-card/
    04-04-2018 07:18 AM

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