1. Chris Walford's Avatar
    I don't like that I have to fully unlock the phone to see notifications now ~ not just wake it up. Can you fix this?
    04-21-2015 07:58 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! In Settings>Sound & Notification>When Device Is Locked, is "Show All Notification Content" selected?
    04-21-2015 11:31 AM
  3. Floris79's Avatar
    I have the same problem and my settings are correct... Still does not show notifications when the screen is locked. Very annoying. Is this some kind of bug? Or are there other ways to fix this?
    05-08-2015 02:32 AM
  4. Matthew Way's Avatar
    I'm now having the same issue, notifications show on the lock screen, but have to unlock to open them. Also the torch isn't working from the quick settings, but it does work with a 3rd party app.
    05-13-2015 07:59 AM
  5. Matthew Way's Avatar
    Also just noticed that the auto rotate toggle in quick settings no longer works, only started having these problems this past week, but I updated to 5.0.2 in March/April.
    05-13-2015 08:01 AM
  6. mikeyboy80's Avatar
    These are the things which worry me about getting this device. Gutted
    05-14-2015 12:54 AM
  7. mikeyboy80's Avatar
    Is this notifcations' problem still an issue?
    05-14-2015 08:22 AM
  8. Matthew Way's Avatar
    I'm worried how long the next update will take, as the lollipop update was about 3 months late
    05-14-2015 04:43 PM
  9. Matthew Way's Avatar
    Thought I'd share this with you guys, I just downloaded the 'Clean Master' app from the play store and since running that, everything on my phone works again including the torch and accessing lock screen notifications.
    05-16-2015 03:13 AM
  10. mikeyboy80's Avatar
    Ah sounds like a cache issue then.
    05-16-2015 05:31 AM
  11. Jon_Doh's Avatar
    These are the things which worry me about getting this device. Gutted
    These issues have nothing to do with the device; they are not hardware related, but are caused by the software. Anytime you update the system OS you should do a System Cache Clear (Google it to see how it's done) and a factory reset. First try the cache clear and if the device is running fine stop there. But if not do the reset. Those things get rid of the Gremlins that get left behind with updates that cause these kinds of problems.
    05-20-2015 08:11 AM
  12. Tom Kelly5's Avatar
    This worked for me, finally. It was not my phone after all the fixes I tried. It turned out that I had to turn off IPv6 on my modem. I dont even know what that is, but I tried all the fixes to the phone and finally got the IPv6 idea from another site. Now, even when my screen is locked on Lollipop, all of my notifications come through as they occur. Just do a quick search on how to turn off your IPv6 for your modem, good luck.
    10-27-2015 01:15 PM

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