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    Just wondering if anyone has experienced the following with your screen turning off after 2 seconds of unlocking your screen. *My experience is below, but the short of it is that turning stamina mode off fixes the issue, so sure why this is? *Appreciate any guidance based on the below information:

    I used my phone earlier outside and it was raining a little a few drops off rain got on the screen. Well it should be ok as the phone is waterproof. *So about 15mins later i pull my phone out to read a text, unlock the screen and within 2 seconds the screen turns off. My first thought is maybe some water has got in or an issue with the proximity sensor. *So i tried the following which didn't solve the issue but phone was working ok i.e. i could make a call if quick enough:
    2-Turned off and left for 10mins and turned on. *Also left it later for about 2 hours
    3-Cleared system cache
    4-Turned on developer mode for keep screen on while charging, plugged it in and screen turned off

    So was thinking of putting in rice overnight to dry out and then while searching on the web stumbled on a post and for some reason i turned stamina mode off (i also have low battery mode on at 10%). *This then solved my issue and then screen now behaves ok. *So i then forced stopped the stamina mode app and cleared data. *Turned on stamina mode and then as soon as clicked on Extended Standby or Extended Usage my screen issue starts. *

    So while i don't use stamina mode till about 20% battery left this isn't major but i find this behavior very strange indeed. *Just wondering if anyone has any ideas why this might have happened and how to fix, as it sounds like a software issue now. *So i guess a hard reset should fix it?
    11-14-2015 02:09 PM
  2. novahob's Avatar
    Somehow it's fixed itself, not sure how. I did reset my phone with it locked in portrait mode lying flat on surface, so maybe that did it. Anyhow happy it's OK now.
    11-16-2015 12:10 PM

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