1. Jokerstyle's Avatar
    Coming from an iphone 3 (It's been a while since my last upgrade) I'm very disappointed with the app/sms-notifications.
    The iphone 3 screen would flash for a good while and a very distinct notification sound would be played. If I didn't check the phone this whole process would repeat once after a few minutes.

    The Z3 is just too discrete. I don't think the screen lights up at all, and instead of the notifications appearing in the lock screen they just end up in the top bar.
    I've activated the Led Notification Light in the Display Settings, and it does nothing for me. (Or maybe it makes the small light in the corner light up once for a short duration when I get notifications? Either way it's not enough)

    Am I missing a setting somewhere? I'd prefer to use inherent features but if there is an app that fixes this I'm all for it.
    01-07-2015 03:00 AM
  2. rspierenburg's Avatar
    I totally agree. The only LED notification I've ever seen was when charging (orange and green) and for Facebook (blue). Its not a deal breaker seeing I'm coming from a Galaxy SII which had not LED, but I have a tendency to miss SMS messages when not right next to the phone.

    01-07-2015 06:17 AM
  3. JBeef's Avatar
    I've installed light flow. It allows you to assign different led colours to different app notifications. I now know when I come back to the phone whether I've got an email, sms, or Facebook message etc without even touching it.
    01-07-2015 11:12 AM
  4. Jokerstyle's Avatar
    I decided to go with apps, and I'm pretty happy with the result.
    I use "NotifWidget" to put notifications on the lock screen, like I had on my previous phone. This alone is a marked improvement. Then I added "NotifierPro" to make the screen light up when I get the notifications. It also has the reminder-feature that I wanted.
    Lastly I added Light Flow like JBeef suggested. By itself it would to too little for me, but with the other apps installed this is pretty nice. I like that I'm able to see missed notifications (and notification type) when I've left the phone somewhere across the room.
    01-08-2015 03:21 AM

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