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    So I got my Z3 on January 5th from Telus, found out that the mic was no longer working on the 9th. Telus came and took my phone in for repair the same day and gave me a Note 2 as a loaner (the thing is an unwieldy beast). The Telus guy told me it generally takes 7-10 days for a repair (other people in his office figured more like 3 weeks), I still have not received my phone back. Does it generally take this long for Sony to repair a phone? I originally asked Telus for a replacement Z3 as it was less than 15 days old (with less than 5min talk time) but they said that that is not the policy for business accounts.

    I'm just curious if anyone here has had any experience with Sony repair in Canada for the Z3 or other mobiles in general?

    02-12-2015 08:13 AM
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    Just as an update, turns out carried messed up royally. Rather than list my phone as needing repair they listed it as DOA (which according to the carrier means they should have given me a brand new phone day one) and shipped it off. According to the carrier, Sony cannot give any updates as to the repair process or possible ETA once they have the phone. So in essence once the carrier ships the phone it enters a black hole.
    So rather than fix and return the phone as should have happened, Sony simply credited the carrier the cost of the phone and chucked it. It took over a month for the paperwork to display any information. So I asked for a replacement Sony Xperia Z3. Well because of the whole Wifi Hotspot fiasco, the carrier had all their Xperia Z3's pulled and have no more stock, and the carrier has no idea if they will be reintroduced (eventhough EVERY other carrier in Canada seems to have them for sale). So they are currently trying to track one down for me or they are suggesting a go with a Samsung S5.
    That would be like buying a convertable Porche, sending it in for repairs and then the dealer telling you that they have a Hummer H3 you could have. I am beyond frustrated with them and had I not been part of a Business Contract I would have canceled my contract right then and there.

    I cannot imagine that a Carrier has no means of contact with a repair depot, nor would they have kept a copy of the paperwork listing the phone as DOA as opposed to repairable. Had I known this 2 weeks ago I could have had a brand new Xperia Z3 in my hands and just had the Wifi Hotspot turned off for a week.

    End of rant.

    02-12-2015 02:35 PM

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