1. gyroslice's Avatar
    I just got the Lollipop update for my Z3. Does anyone now where the Bluetooth unlock feature went? It isn't in the Security section anymore.
    04-15-2015 10:01 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Do you mean Smart Lock? Go to Settings>Security>Trust Agents‚Äč, and make sure Smart Lock is turned on.
    04-15-2015 12:02 PM
  3. gyroslice's Avatar
    Yes, thank you. This ended up solving the issue but the bigger problem was that Smart Lock wasn't showing as an option originally. My initial 5.0.2 update was garbage (buggy, weird pauses, battery 71% to 16% in an hour, no Smart Lock option to name a few). Following a factory reset everything is working smoothly.
    B. Diddy likes this.
    04-16-2015 10:42 AM

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