1. Titan_BH's Avatar
    Been using this phone almost a month now. (D6603). Within the last week, however, my screen no longer gets bright. With adaptive brightness disabled, my screen is barely readable in an indoor office. Manually adjusting the brightness slider, the screen will barely brighten up to about 1/6 of the bar and then no further. Apps such as Lux have also done nothing. Occasionally, the screen brightness will flicker somewhat brighter than what it currently is, but only momentarily. This phone has not been submerged, or even slightly moistened. It was dropped (about 3 feet) and the back cover cracked, which was replaced. Screen was undamaged. Problems did not start until about a week later.
    07-22-2016 01:24 PM
  2. sydneycooper1979's Avatar
    Hello! Welcome to Android Central! It sounds like there is something wrong with the ambient sensor. Is there anything covering it or interfering with it like a case or screen protector? A fall certainly could have caused some hardware to be knocked out of place.
    07-22-2016 09:20 PM
  3. Titan_BH's Avatar
    I did check the ambient sensor to the best of my abilities without actually disassembling the phone completely, and I don't see where anything obstructs it. I did disable adaptive lighting though, so I wouldn't think that should be an issue (then again, I could easily be wrong)
    07-24-2016 10:12 AM

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