1. Trixter's Avatar
    I love my Z3v, but I've encountered a lot of bugs with the firmware and the software. What is the best way to submit a bug report or feature request? Should I start with Sony, or Verizon? (Or neither?)
    12-11-2014 03:13 PM
  2. cvo515's Avatar
    I attempted Sony last week via online chat, they told me to contact VZW for anything relating to the Z3v

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    12-11-2014 05:16 PM
  3. anon(1733)'s Avatar
    What issues are you having.
    12-11-2014 06:46 PM
  4. Trixter's Avatar
    I attempted Sony last week via online chat, they told me to contact VZW for anything relating to the Z3v
    I doubt Verizon will be able to do anything; the problems I have are firmware issues which only the manufacturer can address. For example, the camera has a 1080 60p recording mode (which is one of the primary reasons I chose the phone), however the files it produces are not a 60p standard (60 fps or 59.94 fps are the only 60p broadcast standards) but are instead slightly slower. I shot two short videos and one long one and the resulting framerates of the videos were 58.288, 59.372, and 59.369 respectively. This may not seem like a big deal, but it throws off video editors, youtube claims the files are "59fps", and just watching the videos you can see a frame "jump" every few seconds as a 59fps file plays on an HDTV (HDTVs are 60fps). It's a disappointment.

    There are other things too, such as the default alarm app locking up the phone at the alarm time instead of ringing, and the 4K video feature is also only semi-useful (can only shoot 5 minutes before it overheats and shuts down the camera) but the 60p video thing is the only flaw I wish could get corrected.
    12-11-2014 09:25 PM
  5. anon(1733)'s Avatar
    Ah OK. I haven't had a issue with the alarm myself and I use it daily. The 4k thing is pretty much the same on most devices I believe. It heats up the phone on all.

    Now the 60 fps I have no clue. I wouldn't even know how to check that myself. I can see though how it would be a issue especially if you shoot a lot of video and that's was a major draw for you. I how you find your answer and sorry I couldn't be of more help.
    12-11-2014 10:10 PM
  6. xeene's Avatar
    Shooting 1080p video overheats the device also around 20 minutes mark.
    12-14-2014 02:30 PM
  7. Trixter's Avatar
    Not my phone; the third FPS number I reported above was with a video over 30 minutes long. I could have kept recording but that mode burns up about 13G an hour so I stopped it.

    I've been working around the goofy framerates by fixing the files "in post" using avisynth, but it's not optimal.

    The 4K mode indeed overheats the phone, which I find a little silly, but I have no use for 4k video so it doesn't bother me. As a test, I did a room-temperature 4K video shoot and it got to 7m30s before stopping and cooling down. The resulting video was fine (wasn't damaged).
    12-15-2014 11:38 PM
  8. bcrules82's Avatar
    To me I found a rather annoying "bug" with the Contacts manager.
    I filter which Google/Gmail contact groups should be displayed, so that I'm not constantly scrolling through Businesses, Business contacts, Extended & Overseas family, etc. BUT the search option doesn't find them unless they're filtered in. This is clearly a mistake, as I could do this with my previous phones (Galaxy Nexus, Droid 1). If I go to the Groups tab I can still go to the groups in question and find the contacts, so I know they're on the phone, but there's no search option from within the groups view, so one can only scroll!

    A secondary related problem is that you can only edit one of these contacts if they're filtered in.
    This is only mildly annoying, because I don't edit existing hidden contacts as frequently.
    12-17-2014 01:12 PM

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