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    The display on my Z5 Compact recently went haywire; it wasn't physically broken and the touch functionality still worked, but the display was unusable (colors out of whack, wavy patterns, zig-zags, etc.). I bought a replacement display, but after I installed it I can't get the device to come on. I can charge it and the red charging light comes on, but even after leaving it for a few hours I don't get anything. When it's charging, I do see something inside the phone light up bright white from time to time, but nothing on the display. If I let it charge and then try to power on the device, the screen will go from black to gray, but that's all I get. As far as I can tell I've got everything connected back properly, the only thing I'm not sure of is that part of the bridge over the ZIF connector for the display broke off; are there conductors in that? I'm referring to the black piece over top of the black cable in this picture. A piece in the middle chipped off, but the connector lock still seems to work fine. Any suggestions?

    problem with replacing display on z5 compact-screen-shot-2018-02-19-11.17.40-am.jpg
    02-19-2018 10:40 AM

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