1. Pete1962's Avatar
    Hi all, hope someone can help me, I just purchased a unlocked Sony Xperia ZL C6506 LTE North American Phone
    Works fine except for one issue:
    It seems that if I am not logged into Wi-Fi, I cannot get internet to work. If I have Wi-Fi it works fine.
    I get an error 106 about not being hooked up to Wi-Fi or Mobile Data, even though Mobile Data is enabled
    I read about there being an issue with Chrome, but I also have a not 2 and Im using Chrome and it works fine
    Also heard that it may be the Anti Virus or Power Saving Software, again this is not an issue on the Note 2, only on my Xperia ZL (I have disabled both on the ZL and still the same issue)
    No Data if the Wi-Fi is not connected .... PLEASE HELP
    Another question is how can I tell if Im actually using 4G LTE, have yet to see some kind of indication .....

    Not sure if this is part of the issue, but was looking in the factory phone settings and under DTCP-IP I found the following:
    SRM "Validation Unavailable" "Unknown Error"
    Does anyone know what this means?
    04-29-2013 01:17 PM
  2. betsuni's Avatar
    I'm assuming you went from an AT&T Note 2 (with LTE) to this phone? If you're using the AT&T sim it should have picked up the settings and allowed you to use data right at the beginning. Did you buy this phone used or brand new? There was one person who managed to break their ZL by loading a wrong ROM on it and had similar data issues, that's why I ask if you bought it new or used.

    If you're on LTE you'll see it show "LTE" next to the signal strength bars.
    04-29-2013 04:16 PM
  3. Pete1962's Avatar
    Bought it new already unlocked. Have never seen the LTE symbol, but it is supposed to work on LTE
    04-30-2013 12:39 AM
  4. betsuni's Avatar
    Ok, that is what I thought.

    Also your Note 2 is an AT&T branded phone? The reason I ask that is that if it isn't, you might not have the "LTE" plan on AT&T's side which doesn't allow you to get LTE. I'm highly doubting that you don't have an AT&T LTE Note 2 (but I have to ask to make sure) though since you mention that the data is working fine on the Note.

    The error 106 is actually saying that you don't have any access to the internet, it shouldn't be attributed to Chrome or anti-virus and more towards that you are not showing any wireless data connection. It honestly sounds more like you might have a bad radio unit, but you might want to do a factory reset and/or reinstall the firmware before contacting Sony and see if those help your phone out (mostly because Sony will most likely have you go through those before sending it back).
    04-30-2013 12:59 PM
  5. Paulo Chavez's Avatar
    I have bought the Xperia ZL unlocked from the SONY store.
    I took my XZLto my nearest AT&T store and they had to register the phone's serial number (I forgot what it's called). What they did was, they took my iphone 4s out of my account and registered the Xperia ZL in their system. Once he did that I was able to access the internet. Now, when I took the XZL to register for some reason the Xperia ZL is not in their LTE supported devices (maybe will be added later? I sure Hope so). You will only be able to get the H+ data (which is the low grade 4G) that AT&T uses as their 4G bandwitht. I had this phone for a 1 and 1/2 months and I am very satisfied. It does everything I want. I can connect my PS3 controller to it and I can play good games such as (GTA IIII, GTA Vice city, and many shooting games.. It is amazing.

    Battery life last around a day for me. Leave the house on full charge and come back home with around 10% left.. of course I charge my phone in my car here and there when I drive.

    Hope you enjoy the Xperia ZL as much as I am.
    Rumors says that the PS4 will be able to sync with this phone. You can log in using your PSN, play downloadable content, saved games, message with your PSN friends, receive invites, and so much more.. I know Sony has an Ace under the sleeve. They always do.
    I will be waiting.
    05-15-2013 01:59 AM
  6. betsuni's Avatar
    If you want to get their LTE you have to go back to the store and ask them to help you change your plan to LTE. There are some people who are saying that they got a really helpful employee who would take the IMEI number from an AT&T branded phone (from the store) and enter it into your account which will switch it over to LTE. AT&T will never make the XZL a supported device since they do not sell it themselves. Or if you have a friend who has an AT&T Android phone with LTE you can take that phone in and have them put that IMEI number on your account. That way you'll get LTE instead of H+.
    05-15-2013 12:01 PM
  7. ahair33's Avatar
    I'm having the same issue. So can an IMEI number be registered twice? Or do I need to borrow a LTE phone from someone who doesn't have it registered already with AT&T?

    Other issue I'm having is that I can't get the voicemail to work. When people call it just rings and rings and rings. I then tried using Google Voice but it says something about the carrier settings not accepting it. Ideas?
    05-24-2013 05:08 PM
  8. Xavier78x's Avatar
    Just got mine working. I had read this before going to AT&T with my Sony ZL and gave them the IMEI # of my old Samsung SkyRocket 2 LTE, but it still didn't work. So then I had to go into one of the Retail stores (I'm in the Redwood City, CA area) and had to threaten leaving AT&T to get "real" help. The young woman was actually very technical and found out that a Samsung LTE IMEI or the Nokia Lumia LTE IMEI won't work. But as soon as you put in a LG LTE IMEI # under your account, it starts to work. So, if you encounter something like this...ask for a LG LTE IMEI number, it should start working right away
    06-20-2013 05:48 PM
  9. Ricky Sanchez's Avatar
    Ok so i just purchase the ZL not to long ago from the sony store online its the red coated one. and at the time i was with verzion not knowing it wouldnt work so i switch to ATT i do have lte in my area but on the signal bars all i see H+ never shows LTE i called ATT and they said my plan was set for lte i called sony didnt have much help they refered me back to ATT. i checked in settings network type HSPA+ LTE is selected as pefered network type. But still can not get LTE to show up next to the signal what could be causeing this? One more thing my has a slight wifi problem poor signal strength and it for some reason it wont connect to a network with wep on it meaning it get stuck obtaining ip address. Please help me out
    12-16-2013 09:07 PM

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