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    I have the Remote Control app, version 3.3.A.1.1 with a Cryptix General License on my ZL C6506 running 4.2.2 This device is also running a recently updated TV SideView 2.0.0

    That same version of Remote Control is also running on my Xperia Tablet Z SGP311, though the tablet TV SideView is only 1.2.2

    'Works great on the tablet. Any device added to the Remote Control app automatically shows up under the registered devices for TV SideView, whether they're Sony products or not. I can easily flip through my Top 100 and put them to my DirectTV Genie.

    Not so for the phone. Both TV SideView version 1.2.2 and the new 2.0.0 seem to ignore the Remote Control configuration. I can add any device that I want, but they don't port over to TV SideView. I'm restricted to searching for Sony products. Obviously it's more useful to have TV SideView integrated into Remote Control and work beyond brand specific products.

    Is it possible that I did something wrong during the initial setup? Does anyone know why Remote Control devices show in the tablet's TV SideView, but the phone version is missing that ability?

    Keep in mind that the Remote Control app works perfectly on both devices, but I'm curious about the differences in the two TV SideView applications.
    09-24-2013 08:49 AM

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