1. Eduard Walter's Avatar
    Hello guys.
    Please tell me which is the easiest way to root the phone ( model C6502 )
    I found this link but i want to ask you if it's safe to do it this way.
    How to Root Sony Xperia ZL | One Click Root

    I also checked this link out, too, but im not sure the way how to do it.
    [Z/ZR][ROOT] DooMLoRD Easy Rooting Toolkit (v17) {perf_event exploit}[20130717] - xda-developers
    Thank you in advance
    10-14-2013 03:34 AM
  2. Haalcyon's Avatar
    I recently used a One-Click root for my Nexus 7 from XDA and it worked exactly as advertised and flawlessly. Basically, it's a batch file that launches the various phases successively, pausing if input is needed.
    10-14-2013 07:36 AM
  3. Eduard Walter's Avatar
    I tried many times to root the phone, unfortunately i couldn't.
    Special thanks to user destroyedbeauty from xda forum,he adviced my ( in PM ) step by step how to do it, but still no success.I followed the steps very careful.
    When i tried to root, i didn't check USB Debugging & Unknown Sources.
    Should i ?
    Is there a way to install apps which require root, on the phone with no root ?
    Below are the steps i tried to root the phone, adviced by the mentioned user.

    I rather recommend that you install an kernel with pre-configed root access (Doomkernel / Advanced Stock kernel / XzK-kernel) by using built-in Fastboot in Flashtool. By doing this method, do this!!!:

    1) Download kernel ZIP from specific kernel thread in "Xperia Z (Original) Android Development" thread section. Take anyone of these below, I also link Advanced Stock Kernel if you want complete stock Sony kernel with added init.d / root / recovery add-on / built-in!;

    a) Xz-Gaming v1.0
    b) XzK-Kernel v11.0
    c) Doomkernel v19
    d) AdvancedStockkernel

    OBS!! Choice latest kernel from list in each thread for getting latest kernel that is optimized and made for your installed FW. Otherwise, problems can occur..

    2) Extract boot.img from downloaded ZIP and put boot-file in Flashtool > Firmwares. After this, copy the same zip to your phone external / internal-SD card. Leave it there and continue read..

    3) Turn off your phone and hold volume up, then connect phone to USB-cable. Keep an eye on LED notify lamp, see if it blinking blue - then you're connected in fastboot mode between phone and PC!

    4) Open up Flashtool and push on the "Bolt-Button". Select fastboot, then go to firmware subfolder in your Flashtool folder on HDD and select extracted boot.img. Read log in flashtool, read it carefully. If everything seems to be normal, disconnect your phone and boot it up.

    5) Go into recovery mode by either hammering volume up / volume down button and then choice "Install ZIP" option. Search after your ZIP file in recovery that contains boot.img and wifi-specific modules (critical for getting working WIF / Bluetooth!!).

    6) After completed flashing, wipe cache and Dalvik cache (Dalvik can be found under Advanced section in recovery).

    7) Reboot and voil! Enjoy your custom kernel!

    I only tried with "AdvancedStockkernel"
    After step 4, the display stays black, nothing happent, no boot, no Sony logo, nothing.

    I want to mention one more think : when i unlocked the bootloader 2 days ago, i followed this link :

    Unlocking the boot loader | Sony Xperia

    It was successful.On the next step I was asked to write my email / imei / etc !!! Everything went ok.
    After that, i tried to root and something went wrong, so i flashed whole .67 FTF in flashmode, again. Now is stock
    Is the bootloader still unlocked, after i flashed .67 ftf in flashmode ? Could that be the reason i can't root the phone ?
    Should i try again to unlock the bootloader, before i start again to root ?
    Please help me guys.
    Thank you
    10-16-2013 04:04 AM
  4. RVZ's Avatar
    I'm shure you have forgotten that you only have been unlocked the bootloader, not rooted the phone!!!
    Yoy should use DoomLord tool (xda developers) with the full procedure, included flashing the bootloader and so....
    12-05-2013 09:47 AM
  5. RVZ's Avatar
    I have rooted my Xperia XL with One-Click Root with any trouble, no more than 2 minutes all procedure with full results. In the near past time, I have searched for an easy-to-do procedure, included the famous Doom'sLord one, but really it is very complex and risky, so I can do a recommendation to use One-Click Root... (I understand it's for any xperia recent edition or most old ones)... I'm shure this procedure is clean and not requieres any 'extra' manipulation, as flashing anything or so...!
    Don't hesitate to use it....
    THANKS for read my lines!

    Enviado desde mi GT-P5210 mediante Tapatalk
    02-05-2014 12:31 AM

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