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    St. Louis Cardinals' Albert Pujols will join Los Angeles Angels - ESPN Los Angeles

    The Cards just can't match the huge money the Angels threw to Pujols. I can tell you that emotions from the fans around here range from fingerpointing at the club for not trying hard enough to keep him, to fans calling him the "LeBron of baseball". After all these years that Albert said he wanted a contract not for the money, that he loves to stay in St. Louis, in a way I feel a little betrayed. But, I can't really blame him for taking that offer. It'd be hard to turn down.

    I recall this quote from Albert not long ago...
    Its not about the money every time. Its about your family, uh you know, Ive been blessed with $100 million which is more than what I deserve. Its about being in the best city to play sports, you know not just baseball, sports at all. Our fans are the best.

    I guess we're all naive to think anyone that says that it's "not about the money" really means it. In the end, IT IS about the money.
    12-08-2011 05:57 PM