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    Brad Keselowski to keep cell phone in his race car, but other drivers scoff at idea - NASCAR News Now - SceneDaily.com

    AVONDALE, Ariz. Brad Keselowski says he will continue to keep a cell phone in his Sprint Cup car, but other drivers arent so sure that they will keep phones or how long theyll be allowed to in their cars during races.

    Keselowski posted photos and answered fans questions via Twitter while the Daytona 500 was under a red flag on Monday night. His actions gained international attention and resulted in an increase of approximately 160,000 followers on the social media web site.

    As of Friday morning, the Penske Racing drivers account had 224,800 followers.

    While it appeared that having a phone in the car could violate NASCAR rules regarding the use of radios and recording devices in cars, NASCAR announced Tuesday that drivers could continue having phones in their vehicles during races. NASCAR will be on the lookout, though, for any use that could impact competition.

    I dont know how you would use it to do something illegal, Keselowski said Friday at Phoenix International Raceway. Im sure there are some smart people that would try to think of one. The ability to give access to fans is more than worth any of those small ramifications.

    I dont see any significant advantage you could get even if you did find a way to make it a data recorder because with the new [fuel-injection] system, it does data recording as it stands right now.

    The Daytona 500 was stopped for 2 hours, 5 minutes to clean the track after Juan Pablo Montoya crashed into a jet dryer, which erupted into a fireball. After he stopped his car, Keselowski tweeted a photo. And then tweeted. And tweeted. And tweeted some more.

    As an athlete, entertainer, race-car driver, whatever you want to call me, the things I did on Twitter was something I would want to see, Keselowski said. The people that I follow on Twitter, if you were to ask me what I would want to see from [them], thats what I would want to see.

    Thats all I did. I dont think any harder than that. Im glad that people liked it and enjoyed it.

    But not everyone seemed enthralled with the idea.

    Kevin Harvick apparently doesnt think carrying cell phones in a race car is a good idea. He already has found a miles-per-hour application for his phone that he believes he could use to monitor his speed down pit road.

    Im going to look for every app I can for mile-per-hour, GPS mapping, and anything I can find to put in my car, Harvick said. Im looking for it because Im looking to outlaw this rule as fast as I can because I dont want to have to keep up with it. I have found a mile-per-hour app, so thatll be good down pit road.

    Four-time Cup champion Jeff Gordon also wondered whether the phone could be used in more sinister ways.

    The social media aspect was great for the sport, great for Brad, Gordon said. From that side of it, its awesome that NASCAR is being that lenient. But I think the technology of phones these days is growing rapidly.

    There could be some things that NASCAR might need to pay attention to that might need to keep the phones out of the car.

    NASCAR Vice President of Competition Robin Pemberton said the sanctioning body is aware that drivers could have phones in their cars but doesnt see that as a way for them to tap into fuel-injection systems.

    Were probably going to watch and see what path it takes, Pemberton said. Right now, theres not much of a concern about it.

    Obviously Keselowski doesnt have much concern.

    You could definitely make an argument that a smartphone is a mini-computer, Keselowski said. I could definitely see that. But its not like I had it plugged into anything. You have fuel injection in the cars, but I dont know how you could use it to cheat, quite frankly.

    Unless you mounted it to something to maybe make a video.

    Count both Denny Hamlin and Matt Kenseth among drivers who also dont want to have the distraction of a phone in the car.

    Kenseth, who won the Daytona 500, simply said: Thats the last thing I need.

    Hamlin said different people see things important differently and social media, to Hamlin, isnt important enough to have a phone in his car.

    Where does it end? Hamlin said. Do you text or Tweet during cautions and then you look up and run into the guy behind you?

    I dont know. There are certain parameters that I guess weve got to all play in, but if Im thinking about winning the race, Im not thinking about social media when Im under that green flag or yellow flag or any of those conditions.

    Keselowski said he doesnt keep his phone in the car to tweet, but to be able to contact family if he gets in an accident.

    He said after a scary crash at California in September 2007, he was airlifted to a hospital and had no way to contact his parents. After his August 2011 accident at Road Atlanta, he had his phone and could text his mom from the helicopter before she heard it on the news.

    That kind of put the fire out before it really got started and she really appreciated that, Keselowski said. It put me a lot more at ease [to have the phone]. From that moment on, I decided I was going to keep my phone with me in the race car.

    There actually was a practical purpose for having it with me and I designed a pocket to put it inside my car to be able to keep it there. I didnt put it in my car thinking, Were going to have a red flag at Daytona for a guy hitting a jet dryer and causing an explosion.

    Keselowski marveled at how much attention his tweeting during the red flag generated.

    I was amazed that it got that much attention and somewhat felt bad for Matt because obviously he won the biggest race of the year, he said. Im sure he got a lot of attention but I didnt need to take any away from him.
    03-02-2012 03:23 PM
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    Good stuff..

    A recommendation if your going to be sort of a "in house" NASCAR guy and frequently discuss NASCAR here I would recommend posting a thread with a breakdown of how members can go about obtaining NASCAR information on their Android device.

    Either via text messaging option or NASCAR application on supporting devices, through Speed channels app coverage... I know there are quite a few routes and it wouldn't take much research hitting the main US carriers to see how each goes about obtaining NASCAR info on their Android device.

    Just a suggestion. I'm sure some members would benefit from this.
    03-02-2012 04:03 PM
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    That's a good idea Paul only problem is I am pretty new to Android and have no idea how to do as you said. What I have seen on market that is any good is limited to SPCS. In fact I don't have any NASCAR apps paid or free that I found are worth a hoot.
    There are stations on Iheart and Tunein that broadcast the race via MRN/PRN that is pretty cool. But I used those from my laptop. I haven't used them on the phone yet.
    03-02-2012 04:24 PM
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    That's a good idea Paul only problem is I am pretty new to Android and have no idea how to do as you said. What I have seen on market that is any good is limited to SPCS. In fact I don't have any NASCAR apps paid or free that I found are worth a hoot.
    There are stations on Iheart and Tunein that broadcast the race via MRN/PRN that is pretty cool. But I used those from my laptop. I haven't used them on the phone yet.
    Not a problem... I will take a little time over the next few days and help get something up here.... Each carrier has a way to obtain NASCAR and other sponsored sports, especially since all the major US carriers have their hands in the cookie jar sorta speak for NASCAR with sponsorship and advertising their devices....
    03-02-2012 04:26 PM
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    NASCAR Track Pass has an app but it is attached to the internet version of Track Pass and they charge 100 bucks a year. If your on SPCS they offer a stand alone app that is equal to it for free.
    The ones I found on the Market are basic stuff, some news, schedule etc etc. NASCAR.com has a mobile site. They just say put NASCAR.com in the browser. Basically it is just their web page and then they try to sell you Track Pass.
    SPCS kinda has a hold on NASCAR, Back a few years ago when it was still Winston cup, the 31 car was sponsored by AT&T then they merged into Cingular. Under the grandfather clause from the Winston days when NASCAR took Nextel sponsorship they were able to rebrand the car to Cingular. Then when Cingular rebranded under AT&T the next year (That was strange) SPCS had taken the NASCAR sponsership and said they couldn't rebrand the 31 back to AT&T under the Winston grand father.
    Also later Alltel was swallowed by VZW and disbanded. The 12 car was the Alltel car but was not allowed to rebrand it to VZW. However they did have a Busch/Nationwide car in 2009 and 10
    From all that SPCS got access to Track Pass rebrands it as Sprint cup mobile and gives it away under there brand on their phones only.
    To make it worse. Speed Channel is owned by Fox Sports who is also contracted for their NFL on Fox to SPCS. So what Speed Ch offers as an app is all auto racing and is mostly news, scheduling and standings.
    There are a few NASCAR apps built by independent developers but they are also limited to basic info. There is one that charges 2 bucks but from what I see it is simply links to stories, no MRN/PRN, in car radio or on track GPS ability.
    Mostly because NASCAR is held under the Sprint Cup sponsorship, the only good app alternative is Trackpass and you might as well get that on your computer and then get the mobile access with it. The other apps are simply links to mobile web pages offering news, results and standings. My phone came with a news app that lets me add content, I have NASCAR on it and get all that info from Google.
    03-02-2012 05:37 PM
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    kind of dangerous but cool at the same time lol... what phone does he have anyway
    07-29-2012 02:11 PM