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    Hi guys,

    Heres a simple way to show all World Cup 2014 games within your native calendar. You get all the matches with teams, game time in your time zone and even the match location. Even later Round matches will update as teams advance. Amazing use of the subscribed calendar feature. Ive tested this on a Blackberry but I thought Id share the soccer love. If someone can confirm this is working or add to it that would be great. Enjoy the tournament!

    Try both links, Im running the first one.
    http://www.worldcupbrazilcalendar.com/all.ics - CONFIRMED WORKING
    www1.skysports.com/calendars/football/fixtures/competitions/worldcup - NOT TESTED

    "Using an Android phone or tablet (using the default calendar app)

    Calendar subscriptions on Android devices using the default calendar application are handled via Google Calendar.

    In the Google Calendar app, go to Menu...."Calendars to be displayed", then scroll down to the "Calendars to be synced" button at the bottom.

    Click this button, and make sure the fixtures calendar(s) you subscribed to are checked.

    Click "OK" to exit.

    In the "Calendars to be displayed" list, you should now see the new calendar(s), check the box next to those you want to be visible."

    Originally posted on Crackberry
    FIFA World Cup 2014 - BlackBerry Forums at CrackBerry.com

    Android and iPhone Instructions courtesy of Sky Sports
    World Cup calendar | Football News | Sky Sports
    06-11-2014 10:40 PM

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