1. James Falconer's Avatar
    Have to admit - I'm a bit of a golf nut. Tuned into the Masters as much as I could this past weekend. What a great show of skill.

    While I've never been a huge Sergio Garcia fan, was really pleased to see him get it done over the weekend. What a finish!!!
    04-10-2017 03:29 PM
  2. Javier P's Avatar
    Yeah, it was pretty good. Garcia played an incredible golf and he definitely deserved the title, specially after soooo many years trying and being almost there. But, you know, I'm Spanish, kind of biased
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    04-10-2017 03:34 PM
  3. tube517's Avatar
    Sergio deserves to win it.

    I remember when he was 19 on the Ryder Cup European team going against Tiger and the US team. Everyone thought he would have some majors piled up by now.
    Javier P likes this.
    04-10-2017 03:38 PM
  4. James Falconer's Avatar
    Funny how that all works out doesn't it. Winning breeds winning... Losing can breed losing if the lessons aren't learned. For Garcia I think he overcame a lot of mental hurdles, and had the right attitude to get it done. Very pleased for him!
    04-10-2017 08:57 PM
  5. frellingfrakker's Avatar
    I watched the entire final round by the leaders. One of the best Masters ever. Sergio and Rose going back and forth was epic. I hated seeing the complete collapse of the Spieth/Fowler pairing though.
    04-12-2017 02:27 PM
  6. James Falconer's Avatar
    Yeah - it really turned into a match play situation the last 5 or 6 holes. Was fun to watch.

    Seems like Spieth and Fowler are having fun on spring break though. lol
    04-12-2017 02:44 PM

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