1. lucenzo7's Avatar
    It seems like home button is automatically pressing at random moments.

    When the screen is off, it automatically turns on and goes off after few seconds.
    When I'm in an application, it shows the home screen, which is often very annoying.
    It doesn't close an app, just shows the home screen, just like pressing the home button. I'm able to open app again and continue exactly where I was before it showed the home screen.
    It happens only on 2G. Works normal on WiFi or 3G.

    I'm using CM10, but it was happening on the stock ROM as well.
    It started happening even before the phone was rooted.

    I tried reseting to factory settings and clearing cache, but it didn't help.

    Anyone had the same problem or knows the solution?
    12-10-2012 07:50 PM

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