1. dvdqnoc's Avatar
    If there was a screen protector with the capacitive buttons icons imprinted on the screen protector (like in a gray color or something), I think it would be a big solution for the dissapearing capacitive buttons. When the backlight is on, it would look the same as without the protector, but when the backlight turns off, you could be able to see the imprinting of the buttons on the screen protector, telling you where they are located. Any see a screen protector like this anywhere yet? If not, wouldn't it be a good idea?
    08-31-2010 02:14 PM
  2. Good_Apollo's Avatar
    I agree, I'm loving the phone but I still have not memorized what and where each button is, slightly annoying.
    08-31-2010 02:26 PM
  3. hybrid85's Avatar
    hmm... thats actually a brilliant idea!
    08-31-2010 02:31 PM