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    This is my VERY first smartphone. I've been searching but cannot find whether you can FULLY defeat the opening 'lock symbol' that you see and have to push up to open your telephone.

    Is there ANY way to turn that OFF?

    Just to clarify, I do NOT mean that the telephone is actually 'locked' with any password or pattern or anything. Just the NORMAL opening function is annoying. I just want to be able (if possible please) to do SOMETHING to turn that first opening 'security' screen off so that my telephone will just simply GO ON when I push the 'on' button and awaken it from sleep.

    02-22-2014 03:15 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! The Settings menus can sometimes vary between devices, but go to Settings>Security>Screen lock, and change it to None. That should eliminate even the slide unlock.
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    02-22-2014 11:54 PM
  3. Lathe of Heaven's Avatar
    thanks kindly but I did that and it doesn't turn that off thanks though appreciate it
    02-23-2014 02:05 PM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    What Android version is your phone running? Did you buy it new or used? Has it been modified in any way (i.e, is it rooted)? Do you have encryption activated?
    02-23-2014 02:10 PM
  5. Lathe of Heaven's Avatar
    What Android version is your phone running? Did you buy it new or used? Has it been modified in any way (i.e, is it rooted)? Do you have encryption activated?
    I'm not really sure; it was given to me by a family member. It is a Samsung Galaxy Epic 4G (the one with the sliding keyboard) I had to do a factory reset when I took it over, so there are no other left-over settings from before. I don't know which version of Android it is running, but it says that it is 'up to date'. I guess whatever is the newest OS that this telephone will run. As far as I know, no encryption is being used and I don't think it has ever been 'rooted' (should I do that? Are there any advantages to doing so...?)

    02-24-2014 07:06 PM
  6. B. Diddy's Avatar
    You can find the Android version in the Settings>About phone screen, under "Android Version."

    If you factory reset it, I assume it isn't encrypted. If you look at Settings>Security under "Encryption," it should give you the option to Encrypt Phone (if it's still unencrypted).

    In that same Settings>Security menu, you're saying that "Screen Lock" is set to None, right? Are there any other options related to locking?

    Rooting gives you superuser access to the phone, and allows you to control more aspects of the phone's features and performance--but I wouldn't recommend it for relative novices, since it can be easy to mess up and irreversibly brick your phone.
    02-24-2014 07:22 PM
  7. Lathe of Heaven's Avatar
    Yeah, I pretty much figured that

    No, it is currently set to 'None' for Security, but there are no other choices. I guess it really isn't THAT bad just having to slide the little lock icon up each time. I suppose that EVERYONE else probably has to do that too.

    Down the road if I ever have to move and lose my nice cable Internet access, I will likely want to ask you about whether I can set up the tethering on my telephone for my PC. I supposedly have an older 'Unlimited Data' plan (SPRINT) from my family to which they added me onto it. But, I've heard that when you 'Officially' tether that you DON'T get the unlimited data for other devices. BUT... I have ALSO heard that if you root your telephone and do some fancy Lambada dancing, that maybe you can get around that somehow, but I don't know...

    Thanks so much!
    02-24-2014 09:01 PM

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