1. bfguns's Avatar
    Apparently my 4g no longer works the way it's supposed to. When i tap the 4g icon, it just says "on" then after a min, it flips back to off. Normally i would see a "4g is disconnected" message on the status bar at the top of the screen.

    I'm in silver spring, MD. There was 4g coverage previously and i'm having trouble finding information on how to test the hardware settings on my phone.

    I can do a hard reset but that is an absolute last resort.


    11-10-2010 08:38 AM
  2. vel7wil's Avatar
    My co-worker had the same problem over the weekend....I had her pull her battery and restart the phone then update her PRL which bascially pings her near-by towers and updates them on the phone.....maybe or may not but worth the try....hers works fine now
    11-10-2010 10:31 AM
  3. KC2UUZ's Avatar
    Was just gonna say, update PRL. If that doesn't work, try a soft reset and as a last resort a Factory Reset.
    11-10-2010 11:20 AM
  4. bfguns's Avatar
    how do i update the prl's?

    i've already pulled the battery and that was a no-go.
    11-10-2010 12:03 PM
  5. rando991's Avatar
    Both mine and my wife's phones did that (see the thread called "4G doesn't work after DI07 update"). All of the people who had this problem had to get their phones replaced as no fix could resolve the problem.
    11-10-2010 12:06 PM
  6. bfguns's Avatar
    just did a hard reset. 4g still will not work. sprint is only offering a refurbished phone. i'm pissed. this is the 4th phone i've had to swap out.
    11-11-2010 09:10 AM
  7. rando991's Avatar
    If you are within your 30 days you should get a new one. But I wouldn't worry about a refurb phone as long as it works. I've had Refurbs before and they look exactly like new...at least you can be sure it will work.
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    11-11-2010 11:39 AM
  8. shaundizzle's Avatar
    just did a hard reset. 4g still will not work. sprint is only offering a refurbished phone. i'm pissed. this is the 4th phone i've had to swap out.
    if your in your 30 days, instead of getting a refurbished one. return it and then go back in and get a new one ten seconds later
    11-11-2010 12:47 PM
  9. bfguns's Avatar
    i'm on my 4th epic. 2 of them, the capacative buttons were flaky. one had a crappy gps lock (i'd be in Silver Spring, MD while the phone was telling me i was in St Louis), then this one, which i've had only for 6 weeks, the 4g hardware failure. This is why i'm pushing for a new one instead of a refurb. maybe i'm greedy, but for all the trouble i've gone through, i thought Sprint would at least give me a new one instead of a refurbished one. I just feel better knowing a new one out of the box that hasn't been accidentally dropped, or damaged for some reason as opposed to one that hasnt experienced any issues. if Samsung had the quality of refurbished Apple products, i'd go for it. But at this point, i'm tempted to just go back to the Evo. At least it's got froyo, and better support. The only thing that's making me keep the Samsung is they're better for those who use hearing aids. I'm hard of hearing and the ratings are better on the Samsung than they are on the Evo phones.

    whyyyy me?

    11-12-2010 10:27 AM
  10. rando991's Avatar
    yeah, you got a point, between me and my wife, we've had 5 Epics (both ours were replaced due to the 4G problem, then hers was again replaced when it wouldn't roam).
    11-12-2010 11:58 AM
  11. azack's Avatar
    damn 4g mine and my wife did that fu**ing samsung wont give a loaner phone
    11-12-2010 01:09 PM
  12. wingit#AC's Avatar
    ok I'm in Phoenix...no 4g here... how can I test the hardware to make sure it is working correctly?
    11-12-2010 01:26 PM
  13. rando991's Avatar
    Just use the pull down bar and touch the 4G button it should eventually turn GREEN. If it tries to turn on then doesn't, it won't even search for a 4G signal. If you are NOT in a 4G area the button should stay Green even though you are "disconnected" from the 4G network. If the button does not go green at all, go to settings/wireless & networks. Just under "Airplane Mode" is a selection that says "4G." When off it should say "Turn on" in blue just under it. When you check this button you should get a green checkmark and if you are in a 4G area it will say "connected". If not in a 4G area it should say "Disconnected" in blue. If you HAVE the 4G problem, it will say "Unknown."
    11-13-2010 08:12 PM
  14. bfguns's Avatar
    that's the problem i had. the tech at the repair shop took 30 minutes trying to figure out why it said "unknown". my 4g button just wouldnt do anything.

    so far so good with the refurbished one, but i swear i'm going to raise hell if the phone craps out again.

    let's hope it does.. i have stress to blow off.
    11-17-2010 02:50 PM
  15. rando991's Avatar
    my family's two phones worked fine since replacement, knock on wood.
    11-27-2010 07:14 PM