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    The AMOLED screen cracked on my Epic. The phone hasn't been dropped and the only blemishes are some nicks on the black plastic and 2 hairline scratches on the screen. There is a spider web of cracks originating near the camera button and there are 2 (or 1 long crack, cannot tell) cracks above the menu and home buttons. If you cannot tell, the front glass pane doesn't have any cracks, all of this is below it

    Nothing is displayed on the screen except for a bright blue pixel around what seems to be the center of the crack. I think I can receive calls, but my phone is off until I go to the sprint store tomorrow

    Here are some more photos in higher resolutions

    11-14-2010 09:02 PM
  2. ragnarokx's Avatar
    Ouch Sorry about your phone. I hope you have insurance.
    11-14-2010 09:50 PM
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    what's with all of the scratch marks on the gorilla glass and outer casing? If it was smooth and all that, i'd say yes, internal issue but the pics i'm seeing indicate that this phone wasnt really taken care of.

    just my opinion, but feel free to prove me wrong.
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    11-15-2010 10:17 AM
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    Those aren't scratch marks, but rather oils and dust and such. I'd probably have to swipe the screen with some alcohol or windex to completely clean it but I am not yet sure of how safe that is. My screen looks pristine but a close up shot with flash really brings out the every fine detail

    Here is a picture without flash:

    11-15-2010 10:53 AM
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    so, what's the verdict?
    11-17-2010 02:51 PM
  6. tndank's Avatar
    Nothing ESRP or $35 can't fix.
    11-17-2010 07:48 PM
  7. jamex's Avatar
    the phone is not meant for tight pants or back pockets.
    11-17-2010 07:51 PM
  8. caliskimmer's Avatar
    Wow, I'm so sorry. This is my biggest fear usually!
    11-17-2010 08:39 PM
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    the phone is not meant for tight pants or back pockets.
    Indeed, me thinks he sat on it.
    11-19-2010 12:39 PM
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    It does not have Gorilla glass

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    11-19-2010 03:00 PM
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    11-19-2010 04:47 PM
  12. KC2UUZ's Avatar
    I'd say that's a pressure crack. He either sat on it, or it was in front and he leaned on it, OR, it was in the same pocket as something else and he leaned on THAT. But all in all, not too hard to fix.
    11-19-2010 09:22 PM
  13. giggadee's Avatar
    It does not have Gorilla glass
    You are incorrect, sir.

    All Samsung Epic 4G phones are manufactured with Gorilla Glass.

    If you look at the Corning site under "Is Gorilla Glass in my device?", the Epic 4G is specifically listed as one of many devices built with Gorilla Glass.

    Gorilla Glass | Device List
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    11-20-2010 03:19 AM
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    Dude! Who cares I thought I was going to have to gripe and moan, but they just fixed mine for $35 bucks. Just take it to a store and they will send you a non-broken one, they would not say new but that is fine with me I just want to be able to see the screen lol. since I had no insurance this was a deal, just make sure you buy a case or insurance on the new one.
    02-09-2011 12:46 AM
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    It does not have Gorilla glass

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    Don't get me wrong.. but sir you're are wrong, due to the reason that the gorilla glass is the outerlayer( not the Internal screen cover) if you're referring as the internal screen being gorilla glass.
    02-09-2011 05:09 AM
  16. nmoreman's Avatar
    Mine cracked the same way. It was working when I left home, when I checked while running errands, I had a black screen and could see some slight streaks. So off to Sprint Repair Store I went.

    Verdict - cracked screen. It was underneath, not the top. I had in coat pocket, didn't set on it, drop it, or too tight, etc.

    Results - with insurance, replaced screen and out the door in 20 minutes - woo hoo
    02-09-2011 06:05 AM
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    Nothing ESRP or $35 can't fix.
    had mine fixed yesterday, same thing, $35 and added insurance - awesome service in store.
    02-10-2011 12:05 AM