1. rmt5's Avatar
    I'm frustrated by the Epic's lack of any type of spell-check or auto-correct feature when typing on its physical keyboard. I want to continue using Swype when I use the virtual keyboard, but I'd like to try either Swiftkey or Smart Keyboard Pro for the physical keyboard.

    A couple questions

    1. Will these allow me to continue using Swype as my virtual default keyboard but pop up automatically when I go to my physical keyboard?

    2. Has anybody used both? Have a preference?

    3. I don't really require predictive text as much as I'd like a way to check my spelling. Ideally, a red-dotted line would just appear under a misspelled word, but I guess that isn't available. Do either of these accommodate that need better than the other?

    Thanks so much!
    11-16-2010 06:32 PM
  2. whippingboy's Avatar
    If you enable a different input method it will be for BOTH the hardware and software keyboard. So if you like swype- you have to make a choice which You'd rather have.

    That said- just long press on the text input area and toggle input method (bottom of menu) it's easily and quickly done and I have both Ultra Keyboard and SwiftKey.

    There are things I like in both- Ultra keyboard is kinda nice as it opens a text input window (some may not like this) the size of the screen and gives you a boatload of word suggestions. (you can click on a down arrow for MORE suggestions) Ultra keyboard also has a swype type of tracing support too. Swiftkey ONLY displays 3 words and it's preditive text... 3 is not enough IMHO.

    I too LOVE swype- and it's my #1 software keyboard- but I do like having options and the few $$ it costs for Ultra I like for the few times I feel the need.
    11-16-2010 06:49 PM