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    Hi everyone, I am coming from a BB9700, and have a few questions about the epic. I have seen a few posts about the root process and want to know if the one step root still works. Also how hard is it to unroot for a return if something breaks. The last part is whats the general number of apps you can install, I know every apps is diff and since 2.2 isn't available yet you cant store to SD unless your rooted. Thanks in advance guys, I know you wont disappoint.
    12-10-2010 06:12 PM
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    Hello . I havent rooted my phone but the app for 1step root in the market from what I have read works....

    To return back to stock is fairly easy . I updated to 2.2 but was having some problems with it. You can read up on this here http://forum.androidcentral.com/epic...ked-phone.html READ IT ALL FIRST THEN AGAIN. I thought I read it all and messed up my phone. very scary. But i reread it and it worked out so now I'm back to stock.

    The amount of apps all depends on their size. you can fit about 500 apps of 1mb or less or 50 apps that are 10mb. I have yet to fill up my phone and I Have had about 7 pages of apps at 1 point.

    I would suggest playing with the phone so you can get the feel of the keyboard. Some people didn't like the size and/or feel.

    And if you use the search you can find alot of great information here.
    Goodluck and enjoy your next (Android) powered Phone
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    12-11-2010 08:10 AM
  3. zeravla531's Avatar
    The one click root tool works perfectly, and if you do end up messing up your phone, you can always restore it and/or unroot it if necessary. I've screwed up a couple of things before and was always able to restore it using this method:

    [How To] Return to Stock / Fix Bricked Epic - xda-developers

    Not sure about the apps, i have Froyo and i have a lot of apps and my phone still is mostly free in internal memory.
    12-11-2010 09:42 AM
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    Just fyi some apps automatically install to SD card. For example, I was worried about the 281MB download for dungeon hunter since I only had 142MB of internal mem, but it went straight to my SD card.
    12-11-2010 10:15 AM