1. cb2367's Avatar
    In the "application carousel" in the new market, the images are not loading. Initially, they were loading, and now they aren't. There doesn't seem to a refresh, so how can I get the images to show up?
    12-23-2010 04:29 AM
  2. Since9600's Avatar
    getting good service? I have noticed it does not always load right when I have 1 bar or when I switch from wifi to 3G. I sometimes (very rarely) have to fully exit and open the market again.
    12-23-2010 07:25 AM
  3. cb2367's Avatar
    I can usually get 2-3 bars when inside, which is where I am accessing the market most of the time. I've also now noticed that when I try to scroll through the applications at the top, the phone starts to lag and freeze up. I only have a few extra applications installed.
    12-23-2010 10:20 PM