1. tomme12's Avatar
    Im not sure whats going, but after I get want to stop using the phone, I have it set for 15 seconds to go blank and lock. Sometimes it will not go blank, the screen just stays lite.... if I press the power button, it will go black, then flash back on, then lock, then go black.

    Its killing my battery and I cat figure out whats doing it. Any tips out there?
    01-06-2011 07:41 PM
  2. BlackHawkA4's Avatar
    I have this problem when I hit the power button too fast. Ie if I forget to do something and press power to turn off then turn back on.

    doing that also freezes up the lock screen and I can't unlock until I power off screen again. Was wondering the same thing.
    01-06-2011 07:55 PM