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    I have a stock EB13 that has been rooted via oneclickroot cwm 2.5.5 - no roms or kernels except stock, the only that I have done is install the camera/video lag fix.

    Question, I have and identical setup (same apps, launcher, etc) of my Epic on my Samsung Moment that I keep as a spare. I don't know when it happened, possibly after my froyo upgrade, but I have an app called Movie, and when I open it, it says Flixster.

    My Moment with eclair 2.1 and "when" my Epic was on elcair 2.1, they both could play the movie trailers from that app, but now that my Epic has froyo 2.2.1, it cannot play any movie trailers from that app- it simply says it cannot play video, now I was able to have my Epic play one movie trailer right after I flashed the EB13 camera/video lag fix. I thought that was the problem so I flashed it again, but it didn't work. So it's got to be a software glitch, but from what app? Was it the camera/video lag patch. I could always go back I guess to stock kernal with the bad code in it and see. I hope it is not froyo that is the cause.

    Can anybody with an Epic with froyo 2.2.1 try and play a movie trailer if they have that app - fyi, it is a very nice app if you do not have it.

    All other media functions, for that matter everything else works perfect on my Epic.

    03-04-2011 10:28 PM
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    holy cow, i have the same problem!


    not sure what to do about it.... i am running the Syndicate 1.01 rom running a week now and the app just force closes...

    03-19-2011 07:54 AM

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