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    I apologize if this has been asked, I've been searching and looked at the similar threads when I started to create this one and have not found an answer...

    I'm preparing to do a factory reset because after manually updating to EB13 and updating OTA to EC05 I have a couple of issues that are annoying me (stock browser and Voice Dialing FC every time I try to use them).

    It took quite some time to successfully join my Google Contacts to their Facebook counterparts and choosing all the defaults. I am also sync'ing my contacts to Facebook through both the Facebook app and the Samsung integrated contacts because:

    * Birthdays are only sync'ed to the calendar with the Samsung integrated contacts.
    * On the other hand, if I were to only use the Samsung integrated contacts, even if the Facebook photo appears under my contact in Contacts, for some reason it will not display when using the stock Messaging app. So for this, I have to also sync my contacts to Facebook using the Facebook app.

    Did that make sense? I sure hope so!

    Anyway... After I do a factory reset, is there a way to restore the way the contacts were joined and what I chose as a default for each contact (default number, caller ID photo, e-mail, etc.)?

    I have to assume that while my contacts are backed up to the Google server this has nothing to do with them. I also don't know if apps like MyBackup have the ability to save this. Or if maybe exporting to a .VCF file directly from the Contacts app is the best route to follow.

    I am stock rooted, I am very new to the Android platform so I still have not felt comfortable with any customizations that include rooting.

    I hope this is enough information (maybe too much information?)...

    Thank you in advance!
    04-05-2011 10:36 AM