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    This is for those who were on Froyo DK28 and have flashed the most recent build.

    I still have not gone away from DK28 ( if it isn't broke don't fix.) I wanted to know am I missing anything by Not flashing the newest Froyo build for he Samsung Epic?

    What are the advantages that EB13 or EC05 have over DK28 Froyo.

    Has anyone who was previously on DK28 and switched to EC05 wish they had stayed at DK28?
    05-08-2011 10:55 AM
  2. Paul627g's Avatar
    Other than some slight GPS improvements for those who had GPS troubles I realy think its not much different from DK28. Probably the only other advantage is having custm kernels to go along with EB13/EC05 which we didn't have on DK28.

    Things I do miss from DK28 is the Android Setup Wizard backup and restore feature of apps/settings and also the built in working screenshot which was removed in the official builds.

    I still say DK28 was a solid performer for a Froyo build that never went official. The ROMs were very good and easy to work with. I know DK28 was the learning grounds for many current devs todays, myself included.

    As the OP says if it isn't broke then don't mess with it. That's true, if DK28 wasn't givin you any problems and you were/are happy then your really not missing out on anything with the official builds and its not like running official is benefitting anyone with updates or patches either.

    Thumbs up on DK28!
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    05-08-2011 12:23 PM