06-28-2012 10:05 AM
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  1. jdizzle316's Avatar
    Hey Guys!

    So I currently have the Nexus S. I have pretty much all the androids the Sprint has released with the exception of the G Nexus.

    My question for you guys is how satisfied are you with your new phone? Will this be the phone you use for the next 2 years?

    I'm currently running ICS on my Nexus, so the new OS won't be that big of a deal for me....or will it, being on a better phone.

    I'm contemplating on whether i should go ahead and get the GNex or wait for the EVO.

    Also, im big on camera and the GNex has the same camera as the Nexus S if Im correct (which I feel isn't too great, but that's just my opinion)?

    Much appreciated guys!
    04-25-2012 01:53 PM
  2. R1der2002's Avatar
    I love my new Gnex I get good battery life and haven't had any problems, I was going to get the evo lte but I'm in the military and we go to the field a lot so the no replaceable battery was a no go for me.
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    04-25-2012 02:51 PM
  3. Kevin_G_Sanchez's Avatar
    I love the device. Pure ICS is great. Also a lot of Google apps have a unique look for only ICS phones. Loving it!!!
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    04-25-2012 03:03 PM
  4. almath's Avatar
    I'll say I will keep it for two years, but I'm such a phone junkie at times I can't make any promises! Today I will say yes I'm very pleased with this phone and all it has to offer. You would not regret getting it now!
    04-25-2012 03:13 PM
  5. Dat_guy_Juan's Avatar
    I love the device. Pure ICS is great. Also a lot of Google apps have a unique look for only ICS phones. Loving it!!!
    Exactly what he said, my love for Android has grown more because of ice cream sandwich
    04-25-2012 04:56 PM
  6. kbboykin's Avatar
    Just got mine today from ordering online. So far love it. Probably giving my Nexus S 4G to my wife. Great little phone, but big brother is better. Like @almath side, I'm a new phone junkie, so promises. But I hate bloatware. Loving my stock ICS and the ability to add what I want.
    04-25-2012 06:54 PM
  7. wolverinex's Avatar
    Got mine set up couple of hours ago,close to perfection as your gonna get....gooo android!!
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    04-25-2012 07:08 PM
  8. stinkyfischer's Avatar
    I really enjoy the Gnex, i am coming from a hp pre 2 and really enjoy the interface of ICS way more than the gingerbread. The camera seems likeit would be better on the new EVO, but as the whole package i thought i would like the Gnex more.
    04-25-2012 07:46 PM
  9. mortalapeman's Avatar
    I upgraded from the LG Optimus S that I had running CM7. I had tweaked the phone so that it ran smooth as butter and the stock Gnexus just blows it away. Every little thing about it from the animations to the much better app interface along with the huge screen is so much better than my previous phone. I couldn't be happier . Well I suppose 4G in my area would make me happier but I guess that will required patience.
    04-26-2012 09:32 AM
  10. jdubbletrouble's Avatar
    My first android was the OG Samsung Epic 4g and after i broke 3 of those i got tired of dropping $100 and bought a $35 palm pixi...yuck couldnt wait to get back to android but couldnt justify buying another wimax phone. The Galaxy Nexus is definitely what i wanted ICS is cool and new and still feels like android. I will definitely keep it and if i decide i really want S3 or EVO LTE then ill just open up 2nd line and give it to my girl even tho she could care less about a phone since the one game she loved to play on my epic wont run on my nexus....its fast enough for me i havent found it thinking too much about a task im not having any noticeable bugs yet....or yea ive already unlocked and rooted mine by day 2 in case i find something i really want to flash
    04-26-2012 10:30 AM
  11. Gtronic's Avatar
    LOVE IT!!!
    04-26-2012 10:37 AM
  12. harold42483's Avatar
    Simply amazed at the speed, power, smoothness of the gnex.
    04-26-2012 10:42 AM
  13. xdalaw's Avatar
    Got mine today and love it! Coming from EVO 4G.

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    04-26-2012 08:07 PM
  14. stoneworrior's Avatar
    I find it much more responsive compared to the Nexus S 4g. Very snappy and a joy to use plus I love the larger screen.

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    04-27-2012 11:58 PM
  15. deutschdragon's Avatar
    Bought mine 5 hours ago for $152 from a TigerDirect brick and mortar store. My uncle offered me a line on his plan, so I get unlimited data and text for $20 a month. Can't beat that.

    This phone is so amazing. My previous phone was a Moto Droid (A855). I really liked that phone too, but this one far surpasses it (obviously). I'm definitely a fan. I look forwarding to rooting it, too.
    04-28-2012 08:44 PM
  16. VW Maverick's Avatar
    Had mine for 2 days now and I am LOVING IT.
    Absolutely ZERO PROBLEMS.
    Reception good. Signal good. Screen nice and big. Colors are amazing.

    The wait was worth it.

    04-28-2012 09:00 PM
  17. jmiles3010's Avatar
    Bought mine 5 hours ago for $152 from a TigerDirect brick and mortar store. My uncle offered me a line on his plan, so I get unlimited data and text for $20 a month.
    Just a friendly fyi, it is 20 per month plus 10 premium data plus tax roughly 39.00
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    04-28-2012 09:25 PM
  18. deutschdragon's Avatar
    Still better than the $80 I'd be paying for a solo plan!
    04-28-2012 09:37 PM
  19. dtreo's Avatar
    Had mine for 2 days now and I am LOVING IT.
    Absolutely ZERO PROBLEMS.
    Reception good. Signal good. Screen nice and big. Colors are amazing.

    The wait was worth it.

    Agree. I am really impressed after overnight free shipping from Sprint it arrived yesterday. The speed and smoothness is crazy and the stock ics keyboard is terrific. Coming from EVO 4G.

    My only concern is the signal strength when I take it on the road. Everything else is better than I expected. The consistent look and feel of email, Gmail, calendar and contacts is sweet! Well done, Google. Did I mention the speed?!

    Oh, and the camera is really quite good and not a concern for me at all.
    04-28-2012 10:02 PM
  20. dtreo's Avatar
    Ok, now after a day of having it activated after a few days just on wifi, the radios seem to be working ok, but just lower signal bars than they should be.

    A couple of things...mainly about stock ics:
    1. The GN is certainly fast and smooth in operation. The speed and screen clarity are really great.
    2. They back of the device is so slick compared to my EVO 4G that it makes it harder to type since my fingers don't have much grip on the back and slide around. Kinda weird.
    3. I miss the press and hold alternative keys on the HTC keyboard and the arrow cursor keys. Makes it more efficient for punctuation I think and I am making more corrections with the Nexus. The stock ics keyboard is certainly nice and accurate with predictions tho.
    3. I miss the ability to hide the keyboard with one button. That is so handy when u want to check something in a text thread or email as you are composing a message
    4. I have three email accounts set up as usual (gmail, exchange, yahoo). I really miss the ability to switch the account an email is sending from within the message. Ics seems to ask you which account to default send from and you can't switch once a message is begun. This is so annoying for me.
    5. Typing this list and correcting errors is taking way too long on my Nexus. Even though I really want to like it.
    6. I do like the look of the device, nice and thin, light.
    7. Removable battery and early updates from Google over the EVO LTE I'm sure.
    8. Vibrate should be stronger.
    9. Notification light is really weak and doesn't seem to stay on like it should.
    10. I'm certainly a Googler, so a stock Android device would be my preference, but HTC does a lot of small things that I think make me more efficient for heavy business use.
    11. Is EVO LTE a better option for all of these little things? Or just stick with the old EVO 4G?

    Number 5 especially after this long list.

    (edit)#3. The back key hides the keyboard in a text or email compose. Works fine.
    The weak vibrate is something I would really like to see improved in the stock GNexus.
    05-03-2012 10:54 PM
  21. R1der2002's Avatar
    Well I have had a change of heart and I brought my Gnex back, I actually used it as a phone the otherday and talked to family and it got up to 122 degrees I could barely keep it on my ear and that was only after 20 min, my old evo never did that. SO the search is on for a new phone....like I said its was a great phone except for being a phone part.
    05-04-2012 09:30 AM
  22. VW Maverick's Avatar
    I am very happy with mine.
    No problems at all.

    05-04-2012 09:38 AM
  23. thebabilonias's Avatar
    yes until the galaxy note comes to Sprint
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    05-04-2012 05:04 PM
  24. Mercury81's Avatar
    yes until the galaxy note comes to Sprint

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    05-04-2012 07:06 PM
  25. klau25's Avatar
    I liked it a lot, felt really good in my hand. loved the large screen. I was afraid at first about the size, but because of how thin it is, it actually felt better than my ns4g. In the end, I still returned it and now I'm waiting for the evo lte instead. one thing I really didn't like was the camera and to me, that's important since I don't have a regular camera. sure the camera quality is fine under bright sunny day, but try to take a picture indoor. you will see the quality quickly goes down. I'm back to a ns4g now, and I really miss that large screen. The thickness is also very noticeable especially when the phone is in my pocket. the gn is really a nice phone, but it's just not the right one for me.
    05-04-2012 09:23 PM
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