1. CardcaptorRLH85's Avatar
    So, I'm trying to figure out if this is an issue with my device, the ROM (AOKP Milestone 1) or if it's an issue with Sprint's network. Ever since I installed AOKP build 5 (and it's continued into milestone 1), when I try to call someone, I get a busy signal. It happens between about 8 out of every 10 times I try to dial any phone number. I plan to test the same thing on the stock ROM later today but I just wanted to ask here if anyone else was having this issue first. I have posted a similar question in AOKP's toroplus forum but if anyone else is having this issue with another ROM then it may be a device or network issue.

    Thanks for any help you can give me ^_^
    10-29-2012 06:27 PM
  2. Bront's Avatar
    I would guess it's a network issue, but it could be the rom. Anyone else in the area have a sprint phone you can test?
    10-29-2012 06:37 PM
  3. CardcaptorRLH85's Avatar
    My brother's Evo3D and our mother's OG Evo4G both work fine, also it's starting to look like some other toroplus users are having similar issues on 4.1.2 based ROM's >_< I didn't want to have to wait for Sprint to push an update but it looks like I may have to drop back to stock rooted and hold off if I want to make phone calls....
    10-30-2012 02:28 PM
  4. psm9's Avatar
    Have you made any progress on this?

    I have an EVO 4G LTE,, my wife has an EVO 3D - both stock and unrooted.
    I can call anybody but her - I get a busy signal. -= maybe for the last 4 days, (Hurricane Sandy related?)
    Anyone else can call her without a problem
    I can call anyone else without a problem.
    I can text her just fine.

    On her phone, I blocked my number from calling her - when I did that, I went straight to her voicemail. When I unblocked it, back to the busy signal.
    I deleted my contact from her phone and Google account - no change
    I spent 20 min on phone with Sprint Tech support- we restarted both phones, reset voice services on both phones, pulled her battery - none of this did anything.
    The rep told me to either hard reset her phone, or to go to a store with both phones.

    So, I hard reset her phone. I logged into her google account and did nothing else.
    I called her from my home phone - call went through. I called her from my EVO - call went through!!!
    So, feeling cocky, I saved my number to her phone as a new contact. I called her again - BUSY SIGNAL.
    I deleted myself from her contacts again - no change
    I have hard reset her phone twice more tonight - both times I just got the busy signal.

    I saw something online about this being related to a Google Voice integration issue.

    Any thoughts?
    11-03-2012 10:00 PM
  5. CardcaptorRLH85's Avatar
    That's a possibility, I'm using Google Voice integration and I've noticed that I only have this issue when calling my mother (stock EVO4G on Sprint) and my younger brother (stock EVO3D also on Sprint). I haven't seen it when dialing anyone else. It's too bad that neither of them are rooted because it'll be harder to backup their phones to test this one. However, I've been getting the busy signal issue since before the hurricane so that's probably not it.

    Thanks for the information, I'm going to try looking into this further.
    11-05-2012 11:10 PM

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