1. azgalorRC's Avatar
    I miss it and can't find any alternatives.
    11-14-2012 03:15 PM
  2. Bront's Avatar
    Supposedly it does on Verizon, and for the S3, they found a hack to get it to work, so there's hope. Looks like it's something baked into JB that's causing the problem though.
    11-14-2012 04:13 PM
  3. stormy2000's Avatar
    bionic did OTA to jb and foxfi no longer worked. downloaded foxfi ver 1.9 to pc and transferred to phone and installed apk file. changed name from foxfi00 to foxfi02 and new password,
    reboot and it worked. don't upgrade foxfi either, keep the 1.9ver no limitations on that one. the later foxfi vers have the limitations.
    11-22-2012 09:25 PM
  4. jimrx7's Avatar
    I installed the APK for PDANet and i can tether my Galaxy Nexus with no limitations. Foxfi nor PDANet are available on the Play store.
    12-03-2012 07:43 PM
  5. Bront's Avatar
    Foxfi you can get from their site, though they now throttle you if you don't pay. Can you for PDANet? Are you using OTA? is PDANet free?
    12-04-2012 02:22 PM
  6. Mellimel22's Avatar
    Just use wifi tether if u are rooted

    Sent from my Sprint Galaxy Nexus Rockin 4.2.1 using Tapatalk 2
    12-07-2012 06:03 AM
  7. jimrx7's Avatar
    PDAnet is free you can also get it from their website. Install it on you laptop and you are done.

    Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
    12-09-2012 09:27 AM
  8. Bront's Avatar
    Just use wifi tether if u are rooted

    Sent from my Sprint Galaxy Nexus Rockin 4.2.1 using Tapatalk 2
    Does that work now? I'm rooted with Wifi Tether and I still can't get it to work.
    12-10-2012 01:33 PM
  9. Mellimel22's Avatar
    It works on my gnex it all depends on what version app u have also easythether works on 4g only it has to be USB tethering

    Sent from my Sprint Galaxy Nexus Rockin 4.1.2 using Tapatalk 2
    12-18-2012 06:53 AM

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