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    Does anyone else have the issue with Talk back where your touch screen becomes useless? What I mean is that I can't swipe to access more than one page of apps (from the apps/widget screen); I can't unlock Handicent using the lock pattern; I can't switch pages in the browser because it won't let me slide down; and likewise I can't access notifications from anywhere for the same reason.

    Am missing something? Is there another app I can use to read things to me?


    Sent from my totally awesome Sprint Galaxy Nexus, even if I don't know all its secrets yet.
    01-14-2013 04:57 PM
  2. pezza72's Avatar

    My girlfriend has just had this exact same problem today after she switched on the talkback!

    At first we couldn't even get in to the phone as the ring pull wouldn't work.

    She has a HTC One S and there is also no way to cut the power as you cannot pull the battery. All we could do was hold the power button which just does a restart.

    Anyway, eventually after much frustration, I somehow managed to get in by tapping multiple times on the ring pull, so I can only assume that somehow it activated it.

    Everything then was as you described. I worked out that you seem to have to press something (the calibration also seems to go!) and then you get a yellow border around whatever you have pressed. Once you have this, if you double tap, it then seems to select the item.

    To get to Settings on another page, well I just couldn't manage to do it, but in the end I went to "Frequent" and luckily Settings was in there.

    After selecting that, again I couldn't scroll down to get to the Accessibility, and again, numerous quick taps and swipes then seemed to get me low enough to where I could select the Accessibility Option.

    I then selected the talkback item and then double tapped, and switched the darned thing off....and told her never to use it again!

    This doesn't really answer your question, but hopefully might help you to navigate so that you can turn it off.

    For me, it was pretty much press to select (get the yellow border) and then double tap, but as I say, I think I was a bit of a fluke with the scrolling, so it is probably just about getting the right spot

    Pretty useless function though if you ask me!


    01-17-2013 03:52 PM
  3. gnr_2's Avatar
    No. I immediately turned it off, once I realized that my touch screen properties stopped working. It's like it was transferred from Blackberry where you have a rollerball to select different things. Completely useless on touch screen Android.

    Sent from my totally awesome Sprint Galaxy Nexus, even if I don't know all its secrets yet.
    02-01-2013 07:30 PM

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