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    Anyone installed 4.4.4 Nightly? I am still holding on to this phone even though these forums appear ghostly anymore...

    Anyone installed 4.4.4 and can report if the data switching works ok on the Galaxy Nexus?

    I seen a post online detailing how to install it, as I am new to rooting/installed on android for the most part (besides putting android on my hp touchpad)

    As days go by and an official fix for the data appears to never happen for us, I want to upgrade to something that is close to oem but the data switching works ok from 3g to 4g.

    Update Sprint Galaxy Nexus SPH-L700 To Android 4.4.4 KitKat via CM11 Nightly–How To | True Android | #1 Custom Android Resource

    Its the only thing holding me back from rooting/flashing a different rom, is knowing how the data switching status is if I do upgrade to a newer version of android being its not official.
    06-30-2014 09:11 AM

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