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    Wow the guy I talked to over the phone was a moron! The sad part is that I think he was reading off a script, which means the script is giving wrong info.

    First he told me how it was a promo sale price for $299... Such a deal!

    Then he moved onto telling me I needed a screen protector. I already have one purchased and sitting on my coffee table at home, so I just messed with him... "don't you know Samsung is recommending against those since this phone has that new un scratch able gorilla glass stuff. The screen protectors are supposed to mess up the Spen." - oh.... Uh.... Well I hadn't heard that.

    Now at this point you would think this would clue him in to the fact that I sort of have a clue! LOL

    Next he tells me that I'm going to love this phone since I have excellent 3G and 4G wimax coverage where I live. I let that excellent evaluation slide and launched into "OH I thought wimax didn't work with this phone! It does work? That's going to make me so happy!" so I got more stuttering of oh well no it doesn't work with this phone, but he was just letting me know about my coverage strength...
    But sprint has promised that Every Single Customer will have strong 4G LTE coverage before the end of this year! "really? The end of 2012? That's wonderful news!" more stuttering and no I meant the end of this next year 2013

    Then he tried to charge me sales tax (I live in DE) he was befuddled by the concept that we gave tax free shopping.

    Next he tried to charge me shipping, but waived that when I pointed out the website was showing free shipping...

    Then I'm supposed to get a security call to verify my purchase within 48 hours but supposed to rcv the package in 3 days? I just left that confusion. Was too exhausted to reason with any more stupid.

    I'm so glad you guys answer all my stupid questions so I know when I'm lied to! :-) thanks so much!

    Now to wait..... Hope they will deliver during this hurricane

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    10-27-2012 01:03 PM

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