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    So, I'm *loving* my Galaxy Note 2, but I'm having a minor annoyance issue. Maybe someone can help me with it...

    I've got the "Digital Clock" widget on my primary home screen, up at the top, and it is repeatedly getting "stuck" on a particular time of day. I can remove and re-add the widget and it'll have the correct time, and usually continue to have the correct time for several hours, but then it just stops updating. At the moment, for instance, it says that it is 11:52pm, even though the notification bar says 3:20pm. I know that it's been stuck that way since last night, and that's just about 30 minutes after the last time I removed and re-added the widget because of the same problem. I've had the phone a little over a week, and it had just now started doing this, and I can't find a reason why. I am not running any kind of "task killer", and I don't believe I have changed any setting which would affect this.

    Anyone have any thoughts/suggestions? It's mostly just annoying because everything else about this phone is phenomenal. Thanks in advance.

    Note: I am rooted, but running the stock firmware, and I'm using Nova Launcher.
    11-19-2012 03:22 PM

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