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    I am interested in anyone's experience using call recording apps from the Play store on a Sprint Galaxy Note 2. Though I suspect your experience on other variants (Verizon, ATT, etc.) may be valid, I am on Sprint and am particularly interested in Sprint user experience.

    I am not interested in Google Voice, this seems to be brought up a lot as a solution, it only records inbound or outbound (can't remember which) calls and notifies of the recording to all parties. Plus its just not convenient.

    This last sentence will naturally bring out all the people who want to tell me recording calls is illegal, might be illegal, bla bla bla, especially following the notify part So lets clear the air real quick so the thread can be more efficient. First, I am not an attorney, this information is for general information purposes only and should not be relied upon. It is simply my interpretation having been familiar with the issue for a few years. You should do your own research or hire an attorney if you have questions about the legality of recording phone calls.

    So, here goes, unannounced or undisclosed call recording by individuals is not illegal in some states when the 2 parties are from the same state. For example in Texas, there is no presumption of privacy on a phone call and only 1 person on a call must know the call is being recorded. So if I am the maker or receiver of a call with another person in Texas, I can record it and don't have to tell anyone I am doing so, not even the other party. If you are in talking to a person from a different state, rules and laws are not clear. If the rules from the 2 states are different, it is difficult to tell in advance which state or even if Federal rules might apply, though currently there are no Federal rules specifically for individuals.

    The reason a person might want to record a call does not impact the legality of the call, provided there is no illegal purpose for doing so. But to set aside concerns that might come up and to again keep the thread moving forward and efficient, someone might occasionally record a call for documentation purposes and retain the call, others might record it because someone is giving them information that can't be jotted down at the moment and will find it very helpful to review the call later and make notes then delete the recording. There may be other perfectly legitimate and legal reasons to record a call.

    From the Texas Penal code, for example:
    Texas Penal Code 16.02: So long as a wire, oral or electronic communication - including the radio portion of any cordless telephone call - is not recorded for a criminal or tortious purpose, anyone who is a party to the communication, or who has the consent of a party, can lawfully record the communication and disclose its contents.
    So please restrain yourself if you want to jump in and provide input as to the legality of this issue. This is a technical thread seeking a solution, not a legal thread looking for legal opinion. And since there is clear support for legal call recording by one party, in some states, this question and resulting thread should be ok in this forum. Thanks!

    Now, with that out of the way, ideally, I would like the app to:

    • Automatically record both sides of the conversation without notification and play the recording back within the app.
    • Share it out in some way, via email, the cloud, etc.
    • Custom settings for different file types, different record methods (mike, speaker, etc.), etc.

    I will kick this off with a couple apps I have experienced so far:

    Call Recorder by Shreshtha Techno Star Pvt. Ltd.

    • Can record and play back both sides of conversation without notification, all within the app.
    • I can share the file out to many places.
    • Audio source set to mic, file format set to mpeg4.

    Call Recorder PRO by James's Awesome Apps

    • Can record and play back both sides of conversation without notification, all within the app.
    • You can't share it out, only access to file is click to play.
    • There are no settings to make, you either set it to record incoming or outgoing calls, or not, thats it.

    Call Recorder by Clever Mobile

    • Can record and play back both sides of conversation without notification, all within the app.
    • Seems you can email it out with the Pro version, no other sharing, untested.
    • Settings I used were Mic audio source, stereo channel, medium record quality, MPEG 4 file format.You can also delete all files at once.

    I will post more as I try more. Thanks in advance to anyone that can contribute!
    12-10-2012 02:27 PM

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