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    Ok, so when I open Google Now and say "Google... set alarm for 7pm" it sets the alarm. Then I get a pop up asking if I want to use Clock or Gentle Alarm (my favorite alarm app). I hit Gentle alarm, and then select Always, instead of selecting Just Once. I then get a pop up telling me to clear default app settings by going to Settings>Applications>Manager>All. When I go there, I can't find Clock to clear the default settings.

    I also have gone to System Settings>Application Manager, hit menu, and selected Reset App Preference. That didn't work.

    Another Google Now issue I'm having is when I activate Google now by pressing and holding the Menu button, the keyboard (Swiftkey 3) pops up along with Google Now. I've looked but can't find a setting to Not have the keyboard pop up automatically. When I activate Google Now from the lock screen, by doing the unlock swipe from the G, the keyboard does not pop up.

    Any thoughts? Thanks!!
    02-08-2013 08:38 AM

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