1. SDHarleydad's Avatar
    I got my Note 2 10 days ago (at Best Buy for $199). LOVE THIS THING!. But yesterday , after using it for some mild texting and photos, I noticed that instead of the 3g and bars in the status bar, there was a circle with a line through it....no service. I tried restarting, pulled the battery, and made sure SPRINT wasn't having an issue. Nope... it was not working. I went to the local Sprint store and they also confirmed no issues with service. They tried to reload my account ... nothing. The phone was locked up! They had never seen that issue before. They sent me to Best Buy in case they needed to switch out the phone. The rep couldn't fix it, Geek Squad couldn't either. Factory reset didn't work either. There were no drops, no water. The phone just locked up. BB replaced the phone without question and back on the rode in 15 min. Still love this phone and hope it was just a freak incident. Anybody else experience this?
    02-15-2013 10:29 AM
  2. yankeesusa's Avatar
    That is really weird. Mine has done that when switching back from airplane mode or switching from force roam when I can't get good signal with sprint towers.

    Sent from the Beast that is Galaxy Note 2
    02-15-2013 04:38 PM

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