07-10-2014 06:13 PM
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    In general Kii keyboard has more features than swiftkey - especially important to me is the shortcut function which is a great part of Kii but still NOT in swiftkey. (the negative is that the text prediction is not quite as good, but not bad).

    But, I am only using the trial of Kii as I am a bit concerned that it might have been abandoned by the company/person that makes it since they don't respond to any email (not even to tell me how much it costs to buy it), and they have a few notable bugs that have not been addressed - no fixes since May 2014. (Like the fact that the double tap on the keyboard does not put in a period, at least in the latest version I have).

    Does anyone know if they are still working on this, or has it been abandoned?

    07-10-2014 06:13 PM
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