1. Victoria Wroblewski's Avatar
    It's not the same as the no Wifi or bad Wifi connections some have reported... I can connect to my home network fine, I have connected to other networks, open networks, etc., without problems (had the phone about 2 weeks now). The problem is the secured network at my work. A lot of us run devices connected to the network, since we're in technology and have massive amounts of equipment in our office and it's hard to get an actual cellular signal a lot of the time (heck, my desk alone has two monitors, two laptops, and currently 7 desk phones, lol, and I'm not even an engineer).

    I have a Galaxy Player 5, and using an advanced WiFi app, that can connect to the work network. In fact, it sits at the desk right next to my phone, so it's not a signal issue. The signal gets here.

    When I try to connect, it usually goes from "Connecting" just back to "Save, Secured" and does not actually connect. If I attempt enough connections, I can sometimes get a quick "Authentication error occurred" message (and right after that error, Wifi usually disables itself). I asked over on the Sprint forum pages, got one response asking me to post logs (which I did) mentioning there may be a certificate error happening, and silence since then. The connections optimizer is enable, etc., but I know my problem is connecting to a specific kind of network.

    Anyone else have problems with this? Any idea on how to get it fixed?
    03-26-2013 01:53 PM
  2. Steven Meyer1's Avatar
    I am having the same problem with 802.1x networks on my RAZR M. My phone service is thru VERIZON. All other WiFi network connections work fine with no problems.
    04-17-2013 04:12 PM
  3. Victoria Wroblewski's Avatar
    The response I got when I talked to our IT guy was "Android broken", lol.

    It is a reported issue with 4.1.2, I guess. And Google does not seem to be in a rush to fix it.
    04-23-2013 04:56 PM

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