09-14-2013 10:52 PM
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  1. jaleesag88's Avatar
    I am loving the One right now. I use my phone when I run and the Note 2 was just too big, there was no comfortable way to hold it. With the One I still have a small struggle running comfortably with it, but it works out better for me. There are times I catch myself trying to use the mutliscreen and then I'm like oh yeah...this phone doesn't have that lol. But the battery lasts me all day, which was one of my other concerns. As long as it lasts me from when I wake up until I go to bed, I'm a happy camper. And the camera, I love it! My Note 2 camera sucked for some reason, but the One is amazing! I love Zoe too. I'm still happy with my trade for now, but we will see how I feel in a couple weeks if it is still keeping my interest or not lol.
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    06-10-2013 09:40 AM
  2. famousstarchriss's Avatar
    Note2. A lot of support for the Samsung and devs like developing for our phones.

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    06-12-2013 01:21 AM
  3. SHADOWDRAGON271's Avatar
    I just got my Galaxy Note II in May for my birthday, and as we LIKE things bigger here in Texas, I have no problem with the size of the Note II. You can't MAKE me give up my quad-core processing, 5.5-inch screen viewing, S-Pen scribbling, video-chat rockin', mad-external-space-havin', removable-battery-featurin', big sexy Galaxy Note II for NOTHING. DONE HERE!

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    06-13-2013 01:06 AM
  4. msndrstood's Avatar
    Note II. Hands down. Big screen, big battery makes for a happy experience.

    What?! ... I'm msndrstood.
    via Note II
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    06-13-2013 04:37 PM
  5. SenseMonkey's Avatar
    I currently have the Galaxy Note 2 (through Sprint of course and I get LTE everywhere!!!) and I saw someone wants to trade the HTC One for a Note 2..The videos I've seen are awesome, but is it worth losing my SD card space and removable battery? I didn't know if anyone here had some hands on time with the HTC One to voice their opinion? I love my Note 2, but I am always up for a new phone....I'm awful ha! Opinions anyone?
    I agree with him; once you get use to a big display it SUCKS having to use a smaller one. I had the n2 once, and boy do i miss that big display. 4.7inches is way too small of a display for me. Getting a S4 soon; 5 inches will be more than enough. :thumbup:

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    06-13-2013 10:50 PM
  6. bigkid666999's Avatar
    Well, I had the HTC One X+, and I was very happy with it. However, I switched to the Note 2 for the bigger screen. If there were a 5.5 inch HTC One, there would be NO CONTEST for me.

    For me the screen is the central piece of any smartphone, and the One X simply has finest large screen available. It's the only phone that's still readable when the sun is out. To have it I happily put up with low battery life and the attendant external batteries.

    However, my eye sight isn't what it used to be so I chose the Note 2 even though though the AMOLED display is barely visible on sunny days. And when Power Saving mode kicks in, it's like using a phone with a broken display.

    I do, however, appreciate the removable battery as I need two batteries to get through a normal day. (Don't get fooled by "normal usage" statistics published by Samsung, reviewers and bloggers. Your situation may be different.)

    The micro SD card when combined with the the 16 GB of internal storage is also much appreciated. I had to "ration" my available storage when I filmed my daughter's graduation once. Believe me when I tell you that that sucked.

    The stylus comes in handy to scribble quick notes and explanatory diagrams, but I could live without it with no problems whatsoever.

    One feature I thought I would use all the time is Multi Window. But as it turns out, I never use it, relying on task switching instead.

    So in sum there're always trade-offs, and you have to decide what works for you. I do recommend that you borrow the smartphone you intend to buy from a friend for a week or so. You may find that the features that thought most important don't matter that much, and others that didn't seem important turn out to be vital to your usage pattern.

    Choice is good so iProducts suck some major ***.
    06-14-2013 11:52 AM
  7. nancybout's Avatar
    Exactly where I am now, debating 9 the HTC one and give my husband the galaxy note 2.
    I'm unsure if I want to part with it... I just want to try the HTC and see myself how I Feel.
    THE ONLY reason is I do miss the slightly smaller screen (maybe it's just me LoL)...I think 5.5 is the largest I can have on a cell phone.
    Other than blinkfeed etc... I think the note 2 has more features.
    Maybe the Galaxy s4, but my daughter has the galaxy s3 LoL. imagine my dh with the note and me with the s4... we will be all Sammy fam lolol

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    06-26-2013 12:59 PM
  8. nancybout's Avatar
    If someone ordered me a trade, I would decline. I'd get my own... Can't let it go forever. No

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    06-26-2013 01:00 PM
  9. DallasAndroid214's Avatar
    HTC One, yes it's a bit smaller screen the yet everything is more better, phone runs smooth, I LOVE the Beats Audio, never herd amazing sound like that before. N it's way more faster, I came from a Note 2 n I'm glad I have the HTC One.
    06-26-2013 08:42 PM
  10. dkhmwilliams's Avatar
    When I owned the Note 2 I loved it. I didn't have a tablet at the time, so having an all in one device was definitely helpful. One handed use wasn't so bad. The phone was really snappy and the battery was awesome. I think about going back to the Note 2 sometimes.

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    06-27-2013 10:24 AM
  11. Almeuit's Avatar
    I will say the HTC One is a very nice phone.. But... If battery life is a big concern the One can't touch that Note 2.

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    06-27-2013 10:40 AM
  12. Vikrant1993's Avatar
    I know what you mean. I have the HTC One,but as much as I love it. It's build quality,and its smoothness.I dont know,but the Note 2 I have on my desk keeps me wanting to make that my primary phone again. The Screen and the Stylus is something I loved on the Note 2. Hopefully, the rumor of the HTC T6 coming out this Fall is true! Because I would love to see the HTC One the size of the Note 2, and with a HTC stylus! God I hope it exists and comes out!
    06-28-2013 01:45 AM
  13. llfloyd79's Avatar
    I had a chance to trade for a HTC a few days ago but I couldn't pull the trigger. Just something about the Note 2 lol. I guess its the screen size, the attention this phone demands and the battery life. To this day I still get people that are amazed of the pure size of my phone lol. But I think its the battery life that makes me choose the Note 2 over the HTC One. Feels good to unplug my phone at 4:30am and go thru the whole day....then go to bed around 10pm or so and still have over 40% battery life left.

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    06-28-2013 04:34 AM
  14. petaf's Avatar
    The screen size is not much different.

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    I have them both in front of me, and beg to differ
    06-28-2013 06:59 AM
  15. Vikrant1993's Avatar
    Yea very true. I usually get 14 to 18 hrs max on my htc one. Though I do miss the 24 to 27 hrs charges on the note 2 lol
    06-29-2013 02:25 AM
  16. Samir Washington's Avatar
    Oh no!!!!! Keep your GN2... I say this for a number of reasons. 1# it will be a downgrade due to size 2# I opened up a new line two days ago just to see if I would like this and nope I don't like it and I'm returning it today, its to small , the speakers don't sound all that great, the phone feels funny in my hand, overall too damn small.... I'm glad the only thing I'm losing is 36$ for the restocking fee Thur sprint... so I'm keeping the charger n head phones f that lol... 3# the no battery no SD card 4# had to charge the phone twice and with the note one a day etc. 5# trust me after playing with that phone it don't hold up to my GN2. Yeah our phone is big but u get more bang for ur buck stick with ur note 2.. I kept dropping the damn phone out my hand lol... HTC was one of my favorites but they would have to upgrade size. I'm gonna wait for the GN3 this year.... if anything upgrade to the Gn3 this year....
    07-03-2013 01:34 PM
  17. Samir Washington's Avatar
    I agree, You said it "feels good to have 40% battery at the end of the day". HTC not giving that ... I'm returning that phone n getting my money back. I only opened up a new line to play with it before I made a change n I'm glad I did .. so I'll take the 36$ (restocking fee)
    I think you did the right thing...
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    07-03-2013 01:47 PM
  18. llfloyd79's Avatar
    I agree, You said it "feels good to have 40% battery at the end of the day". HTC not giving that ... I'm returning that phone n getting my money back. I only opened up a new line to play with it before I made a change n I'm glad I did .. so I'll take the 36$ (restocking fee)
    I think you did the right thing...
    Yes you are right....I'm glad I kept Note 2 as well.

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    07-03-2013 02:39 PM
  19. Dylan Rector's Avatar
    That's good^^ Haha. it made me laugh. (No disrespect)
    07-06-2013 10:33 PM
  20. ne0ne's Avatar
    A friend of mine switched from his note 2 to an HTC one and couldn't be more happier. Also keep in mind he had three batteries for it so he was utilizing the capabilities the note had that the htc one doesn't. He found the battery life to be sufficient and enjoyed being able to use his phone with one hand again.

    At the end of the day it comes down to personal preference.

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    07-06-2013 10:40 PM
  21. keyurk69's Avatar
    wanna trade with s3 as all i am much interested ...!!!!!!
    08-05-2013 02:06 AM
  22. yankeesusa's Avatar
    I was about to trade my note 2 for an HTC One but after installing the latest synergy rom I'm in love with my phone again. It's faster than I ever imagined. Although I would have loved to try the htc one I love my big screen and multiview. I'll hold on to my note 2 for a little longer.

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    08-14-2013 09:37 PM
  23. nancybout's Avatar
    wanna trade with s3 as all i am much interested ...!!!!!!

    ! Daughter would love a note, you prefer to get the s3 for a note 2?

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    09-09-2013 11:01 AM
  24. sko580's Avatar
    I have the Note 2 since the beginning and also have the HTC One for the past month. They definitely have the their pros and cons. As of this evening, I am switching back to the Note 2. Here are my reasons:

    - Note has a brighter LED flash. I use the flashlight app religiously. The Note 2 blew the HTC One when it came to LED brightness.
    - Note 2 is has either a more sensitive cell radio/antenna or roams better than the HTC One. The HTC One left me in the dark with no cell service in fringe areas or areas where I normally would have roamed on Verizon's network. It came down to needing a phone instead of having a feature heavy device.
    - Expandable storage.
    - Naturally better battery life due to size of battery. And because it is user replaceable, getting a replacement is easy enough.
    - I got to appreciate the note taking feature. Didn't realize this until I was scrambling for something to write on when I had the HTC One. Being able to email my S-Note as a PDF is just purely awesome.
    - Camera seems to be better. Taking pictures all the time with 2 young kids.

    I don't want to seem like a HTC One basher. It is a great phone. So here are some things I like to highlight about the HTC One:
    - Perfect size. Feels nice in the hand.
    - Nice bright/sharp screen.
    - Speakers were nice. Although not as loud as I thought it would be.
    - Able to take pictures without shutter sound.

    So to conclude, the Note 2 is what works for me despite its large size. However, is thinness makes up for that and is comfortable to slide into the pockets.
    09-14-2013 10:52 PM
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