1. chilidog4's Avatar
    I just got galaxy note 2 need some help im trying to root it. I cant find how to root it on ubuntu and it is on the sprint network.
    05-19-2013 10:17 AM
  2. tirith's Avatar
    Have you tried using the toolkit in WINE?

    ~swyped from a galaxy (note 2) far far away
    05-19-2013 03:42 PM
  3. chilidog4's Avatar
    No I dont have a copy of windows
    05-19-2013 06:52 PM
  4. tirith's Avatar
    On ubuntu, there is am application you can get called wine, a Windows emulator.

    ~swyped from a galaxy (note 2) far far away
    05-19-2013 07:10 PM
  5. chilidog4's Avatar
    I tried with wine still will not work help please
    06-02-2013 03:07 PM

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