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    Hi, I am a newbie. I bought this galaxy note 2 phone about a month or so ago. My prior phone was a Palm Centro --- because I didn't want to give up my Palm functionality.

    I was having a SYNC problem between the native Android calendar and Google, so I read one of the threads here on this site and followed their lead. Their advice was to delete the Google account (link) on the phone, then add it back in. So, I did that last night.

    Problem is that ALLLLL of my calendar work for the past couple of weeks or so (when things weren't syncing) are GONE. In fact, it is worse than that because apparently nothing ever did go out to Google. I don't know why.

    To add to this, I had purchased Pimlical/A as my calendar on the phone and was sooooo happy with it. Apparently, it writes and reads from the native calendar and it is up to that native calendar to get backed up in any way I choose --- either by writing stuff out to Google Calendar (wasn't working) or uploading it to DropBox (was disabled).

    I realize that I have made a grave error by not backing up the phone before following the advice of one of the people on this forum. I am just asking if there is some REMOTE possibility that either (a) someone here knows how to get a prior copy of the native calendar data BACK even if you were a dope and didn't back it up manually, or (b) knows Pimlical/A and thinks that they can give me advice on how to restore the calendar data via that route. Note: I had not yet purchased the Pimlical Desktop nor was my Pimlical calendar writing to the Pimlical local calendar (I could never get that to work).

    SICK to my stomach and hoping for a miracle!!

    UPDATE: Seems like some of the more recently entered events are BACK in the native Android calendar including calendar events entered yesterday. I have no idea how. But, all of the tasks are still missing. Gee, maybe I should just keep waiting.
    05-27-2013 11:32 AM
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    I have a Razr Maxx, so I'm not sure if the following applies to the Note 2, but I can tell you what I know about the stock Android Calendar. The whole Phone Account vs Google Account issue is a big pitfall that is easy to plunge into. Android Calendar typically allows you to enter events into your Phone Account (which is NOT syncable with your Google Account without 3rd party software) or your Google Account (which, of course, is synced to the Google Cloud). As a rule of thumb, one should always enter events into the Google Account in order to sync everything in the cloud and have an easy backup. I think the reason for the Phone Account is to allow you to sync with Microsoft Outlook using 3rd party software (the phone manufacturer often makes a program for it, e.g. HTC Sync).

    Do you know for sure if the events you lost were entered into the Phone Account or into your Google Account? If the latter, then it should have synced with the cloud; however, if you never saw it show up in your Google Calendar on, let's say, your desktop, then there must have been some sync problem. If you then deleted your Google Account from your phone, you would have also deleted all of those events without a backup. If, on the other hand, you entered them into the Phone Account, it seems to me that those events wouldn't be deleted along with the Google Account, because they were never entered as part of the Google Account. They should still be on your phone somewhere. Are you sure you have the Calendar app set to display your Phone Account Calendar rather than your Google Account Calendar?
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    05-27-2013 06:15 PM
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    Resolved via contacting Pimlical. Best support for a calendaring system is Pimlical/A. Thanks for trying!
    06-08-2013 12:14 PM

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