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    Ive Had My Galaxy Note 2 Since I Wanna Say April/May. And im just now having problems with charging. When I have it on the charger it never charges unless I turn it off. I can have it on there all night and it'll probably charge till like 80%? Then itll die down to about 15% in an hour or so. Even when my display lighting is all the way down. Idk if I should buy a new battery? And a new charger? Oh yeah forgot to mention I dropped and cracked the screen (nothing major just the top right hand corner it didnt damage my screen I can still see use my phone and screen) idk if that had something to do with my charging problems at all just thought I should throw that in there... so im stuck anyone has an idea what it could be???

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    09-29-2013 03:27 AM
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    Given the number of devices I've had which all eventually seem to start having a charging issue - This is generally the order I go in to find the problem:

    1 - Get a new charger (because they're easy and quick to find to hopefully fix the problem right that second).

    2 - If the new charger didn't fix the issue, I get a new battery.

    3 - If the new battery doesn't fix the problem, I look to see when the latest update was sent to my phone, because sometimes their new update isn't 100% and can cause a compatibility issue which affects things like battery life, signal connectivity, etc. If the date seems to coincide with when I started experiencing the problems, I uninstall the update, go back to the previous version.

    4 - If going back to the previous version and allowing the update to resend doesn't fix the problem, I change the charging port. (I've only ever had to go this far one time in the past 15 years of having a mobile phone).

    The only thing which I find odd is that you're saying you have to power off the device first. The drop, since the impact was on the top right corner, should not have affected the charging. I had a Blackberry that did that once. Took me about a week to figure out that the battery was going bad. If the phone was on and I plugged it in to charge, the phone would get too hot so it wouldn't accept the charge, basically to save itself from overheating. Power off, charged fine, but then the battery would drain very quickly once back on. Replaced the battery for $3 with an OEM battery off eBay, no more problems.
    10-06-2013 07:39 PM
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    I've had the same thing happen with my Note2.
    In your settings menu, check the battery to see what is using the most battery.
    On mine it was showing the memory was using 75 to 80% of the battery.
    Those numbers are generally seen next to the Display.
    As a matter of fact, I had never before seen memory listed in the battery service screen before that.
    Mine would charge well when turned off, but would still drain within just a couple of hours.
    If charging while on, it would never charge all the way because memory was using it as fast or faster than than the charger could charge it.
    Have you also noticed you r phone running very warm to hot?
    My internal memory was also reading way lower than it should have, no matter how much I removed.
    After deleting almost all of my apps, with no luck, my only resolve was to back up all of my stuff and do a factory reset.
    Once I did that, all was fixed. Phone was charging quickly, battery was lasting all day again. And after re installing all of my apps, my data files, pictures, all the stuff, back to normal. My remaining internal memory was back to 8.6gb free space. Was at 2.2gb free before thr reset.
    Also, when looking at settings/battery, memory no longer showed up on the list, as it shouldn't.
    This was three weeks ago and it is still running blazing fast, cgarging quickly and the battery is still lasting all day.
    I hope that this will help you out. If you are having any of these kinds of problems, this solution may put your phone back to like new function again.

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    11-13-2013 12:15 AM

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