1. hljeffries's Avatar
    I just purchased a Note 2. Arrived in the mail, got it activated and then spent an hour with tech support on the phone trying to troubleshoot why it had no connectivity. I have the "no" symbol where the data bars normally are. I go outside and it immediately connects to the 4G. Not a great connection, but it DOES connect. Go back inside the house and the signal is gone. The wifi however is amazing. I also have a Galaxy S3, and while its connection is low inside the house, it does have a connection. Normally stays at 3g inside with about 2 bars. I walk outside and it immediately goes up to full bars on 4g. The wifi however, does not exist on the S3 outside, but I can walk to the back of the yard with the Note and still have 3 bars on the wifi.

    Tech support told me to take the phone in to the Sprint store to have the antenna checked, "...because they break easily on the Note and sometimes shift and need to be moved." I have never read this, anywhere. I replaced the glass on my S3 so I'm not afraid of attempting to replace the antenna myself, but wondered if anyone knows if this IS a common problem, or is there a software patch or version somewhere that fixes this issue?

    Just trying to exhaust any other options before I have to actually open the case and start replacing parts. Before anyone asks, no it's not under warranty or yes I would of course just have it replaced.
    10-03-2013 08:39 PM
  2. Haalcyon's Avatar
    I had a Note 2 between Nov. '12 to June '13. I never had any problems with WiFi or LTE. It was a strong phone all around.
    You can do things like check your router's firmware, etc. I've never read of any problems with the Note 2's antennas but have read opinions that Samsung's phone's have weak radios. That's an opinion I can't corroborate.
    10-04-2013 09:32 AM
  3. Rcrdude64's Avatar
    Have always noticed small hiccups with swapping from 3 to 4 or 4 to 3g service. Like if the swap is near the end of a song while I'm steaming Spotify the next one will simply not play and it'll kick me to my next available downloaded song. I would have to actually restart the application all together to get it to recognize that.

    I've also seen the 4g in my house just disappear. As well as my standard signal for calls. I move to close to my bedroom wall and service plummets.

    Sent from Xperia Note
    10-05-2013 11:58 AM
  4. Roger Schnabel's Avatar
    Honestly, it's just Sprint. They're just the worst mobile provider. I've always regretted going with sprint. Took me a year to see my first 4G signal. It was nice when it finally got here.
    Other than that, I absolutely love my Note2. Looking forward to the Note3, though, on another carrier.

    Posted via Android Central App
    11-13-2013 12:23 AM
  5. ArchangelRenzoku's Avatar
    You're not the only one to experience this. All my friends have Sprint but different phones. We all get a different amount of bars in the same spot but the Note 2's is usually the worst.

    It also has a terrible time trying to roam. It won't kick over often enough when it should be.

    Posted via Android Central App
    11-21-2013 04:28 AM

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