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    I just shot a bunch of video with the stock camera app. I like to shoot lots of short clips edited in camera via the pause function while shooting. I didn't realize until after shooting all my footage that if I pause while recording, then rotate the camera 180 degrees, then resume recording, the resulting video is encoded upside-down. So when you playback the video, some shots are right side up, and others are upside down. This blew my mind, because when recording the camera correctly re-orients the screen, and the aspect of the image is not changing, so I would have assumed the software would handle this and record everything in the correct orientation.

    I'm now looking for a 3rd party app to shoot video that will allow me to rotate the camera 180 degrees in between clips using the correct orientation of the image. No luck yet- any ideas?
    11-28-2013 05:20 PM

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