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    I use Microsoft Outlook Exchange for my work and I got the Galaxy Note2 to use for a work phone. I got my outlook up and running just fine, but I am unable to view sub folders. I have gone into the settings and had certain folders push through and initially the do when I receive and email in those sub folders, but if I return to the inbox I have no way of viewing those folders again.

    So for example and I hope I'm making sense here....

    I have my Outlook Inbox, then I have a sub folders named Travel, Ops Mangers, and Personal. On my computer at work I have certain emails that are automatically sent to those sub folders due to the rules I have setup in Outlook.I have setup for those email folders to be pushed through automatically. Now when I get an email in one of those folders it will pop up in the email application the Note2 came with but if I go to my inbox and try to find that folder again, let's say the travel folder, it is no where to be found in my email application.

    If I can't view and reference these sub folders this phone is of no use to me. I need help stat.

    Any suggestions???? I need help stat. I'm hoping it's just a button or something I need to click.
    01-28-2014 01:56 PM
  2. Xebec01's Avatar
    Are those sub-folders local folders on your PC, or are they folders established on your exchange server?

    I have a similar set-up, but all my subfolders are on my local PC, and I have rules that move the messages from the Exchange server inbox to those folders. This prevents me from seeing these messages on my phone. In fact, if I leave my PC on at work, I can't see any of my messages on my phone because they are all being moved off the exchange server.

    An option that I have considered is establishing a rule that will make a copy of incoming messages and send them to a specific folder on the Exchange server just for my phone. But I'm not ready to go through that much effort just yet...

    - X
    02-27-2014 12:39 PM

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