1. kanesmith41's Avatar
    Hello, just wondering if anyone knew of a good text messaging app. I've been using Go sms and Handcent but their not all that dependable and I don't like stock messaging app on galaxy note2.

    03-27-2014 01:46 PM
  2. SactoKingsFan's Avatar
    These are messaging apps I've used and liked.

    8sms, Textra, Hangouts, Contacts+

    Sent from my LG-G2 running Carbon 4.4.2
    03-27-2014 01:59 PM
  3. kanesmith41's Avatar
    Thanks, I'll give them a try.

    03-27-2014 02:46 PM
  4. JJ Jones's Avatar
    Here's the one I'm using now:


    Customizable, somewhat like the Hangouts UI, and just added Android emoji.

    Posted via Android Central App
    03-27-2014 10:39 PM
  5. ubigred's Avatar
    Hello sms
    Evolve sms

    All beautiful and extremely functional

    Sent from my SGNote 3
    03-28-2014 08:15 AM
  6. kanesmith41's Avatar
    Thanks, I'll give them all a try.

    03-28-2014 01:17 PM

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