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    i'd like to put my note2 on the dash to record while i'm driving. i'm a long haul trucker. if i can find a app that will work. be cheaper then actually buying one of them dash cam units.

    with all the accidents these days.

    i've got dailyroads. it was recommended in the truck forum i'm a member of. it records my videos in 15 minute increments. or whatever setting i want. but it won't erase previous sessions. it just accumulates them. which means filling up drive space. i've also got resolution small enough that it don't take up much space while still maintaining high quality vids. so i can record basically a whole days worth of 15 minutes.

    the problem i have. is my sprint phone won't seem to use the sdhc card i have installed. i just put in a brand new 32 gig class 10. still no go.

    i have a verizon note2. it records to card. the sprint just won't use it for whatever reason. which means filling up the internal memory. to which i have 3 gps full fledged maps already downloaded. leaving me with only 1.5 gigs free space.

    i'm looking for an app, that will record 15 minutes at a time. store up to 3 or 4 vids. while erasing previous files. kind of like using an actual video tape recorder. in a loop. preferably with a time stamp and speed. dailyroads does that. and preferably store on sd card instead of internal memory.

    it also has the capability of running in the background. so i can use the gps. or do whatever.

    any suggestions.

    there are a few on google. but i don't want to spend all day testing each app.
    06-26-2014 02:29 PM

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