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    I have a Galaxy Note 2 - 16Gb, Sprint SPH-L900, Android 4.4.2, that is rooted stock with CWM Recovery. I have a second Note 2 on the way and would like to be able to root the new phone, flash CWM Recovery, copy my CWM backup from the original phone to the new one, flash the backup in CWM. The idea is to get everything set up on the new phone (apps, settings configurations, etc.) with a bare minimum of effort then call my carrier to get it activated. If it matters, I do have several apps on the old phone that do require root including xposed and a few xposed modules that I use.

    Is this doable without causing problems on the new phone? Are there any other steps that I should take in addition to flashing the backup from the old phone? Of course I'll clear cache & etc on both before doing this.

    BTW: The phone that is coming is a 64Gb, Sprint SPH-L900, Android version unknown until I get the phone. The ESN has been verified as clean by my carrier and they checked and will activate it.
    04-29-2016 05:36 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    It's probably doable, but rooting the ROM (you don't root the hardware, you root the ROM that's running in the phone) probably isn't necessary before flashing CWM. (And it's definitely not needed after installing the first phone's ROM, since that's already rooted.)

    Remember to change the name of the phone, or you'll cause Google to go nuts.
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    04-29-2016 05:59 PM
  3. jcase469's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply. I'll be sure to do a backup of the new phone first thing of course.
    04-29-2016 09:51 PM

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